12 Wedding Hairstyles Fit for Any Bridal Style

The options for bridal hairstyles are seemingly endless. Wedding hairstyles come in a variety of styles, including buns, braids, twists, and ponytails.

Are you feeling daunted by the sheer number of bridal hairdo options? We can’t say we blame you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top wedding hairstyles to suit any face shape, hair texture and length, to help you narrow down your options.

If you’re unsure which path to choose and can’t determine which wedding hairstyles are perfect for you, consider the other parts of your wedding. Consider what would fit best with the ambience of the event, your attire, and your general level of comfort. I think that it is best to find a style to suit your natural hair. For example, if you have curly hair, why not let it be just soft waves/loose curls, or you could try a Topknot to try and tame it!

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Classic Updos

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To help you get started on your search for bridal hairstyles, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite romantic wedding hairstyles.

Browse these gorgeous bridal updos for inspiration for your big day, and figure out your personal style. Whether you want a sleek updo, messy updo braids, or the greatest version of your natural curls.

Remember, you don’t have to achieve the look you want yourself! Any Modern bride will work with a competent stylist to make your dream wedding day hairdo a reality. Once you’ve chosen your ideal match among these elegant hairstyles, that is!

Classic Low, Sleek Chignon

This chic updo is a classic chignon, and it’s classic for a reason when it comes to wedding hairstyles.

Brides have embraced it making it a popular choice. in the last few years due to its sleek finish and a perfect choice if you want a simple style that will last all day, especially if you have an outdoor wedding.

For a basic yet elegant style, sweep your hair back and pin it into a low chignon. If you’d like, add some braids or hairpieces, or leave it alone—either way, you can’t go wrong with this look. Perfect for brides who have naturally straight hair.

Elegant updos - The Vintage-Style Curls

If you are planning a wedding with a vintage theme or if you want an extra touch of splendor, these curls are the way to go. They’ll give your big day just the appropriate amount of luxury. Another feature we adore about this ensemble? It’s epoch-defining, just like you.

Romantic Updo with Hair Flowers

Choose a slightly undone bun with some wispy, face-framing pieces for a more relaxed appearance. To give your wedding updo that extra romantic touch, add some fresh flowers and some wispy tendrils.

Deep Side Parting

We adore the side parting because it’s a gorgeous look that works with any hair type, thickness, or length. Depending on how you arrange the hair, a deep side part may give you an edgy appearance or a delicate, romantic mood. I love this design for the bride who wants a side-swept style. Which is very vintage with a polished finish.

Long, Smooth Curls

If you have a lot of length in your hair, show it off with these stunning silky curls. Before taking photos, have your stylist apply some frizz-fighting product into your waves, so they stay shiny and sleek all day.

Pinned Curls

Pinning the top of your curls for more volume adds a touch of glitz. For a breathtaking wedding day appearance, finish it off with a dazzling headpiece.

Glam Long Ponytail

This is such a simple updo! Pull back your hair into a tidy ponytail for a glam look. It appears to be incredibly trendy and sophisticated from the front, but the rear allows you to show off your long, lush locks. In addition, if you want to achieve this look, but your hair isn’t quite long enough, talk to your stylist about hair extensions. There are so many different variations of an extension hairpiece that I’m sure you could find a suitable application and hair length.

Braided Barrette

Try this textured look hairstyle if you’re seeking the right combination of done and undone. Add texture to your hair by braiding it. The flawed waves are ideal for a beach or bohemian wedding, but you can incorporate them into any style.

Wedding Hair Accessories

Add a delicate hairpiece to any sophisticated updo to take it to the next level. Adding a dash of glitz can keep your guests’ attention to the twinkle throughout the day. But this theme is also great for brides with shorter hair. Pop in a glitzy clip to elevate your everyday look.

Effortless Fishtail Braided Hairstyle

Consider a structured-but-beautiful braid if you want your hair out of the way but don’t want to commit to a complete updo. This fishtail twist is one of our favourites since it’s perfectly undone, so you won’t have to worry about your hair frizzing or falling out during your summer party. It will appear better the messier it becomes.

Loose Waves With Flower Crown

When it comes to wearing a floral crown during your wedding, the possibilities are unlimited. To retain the spotlight on your magnificent hairpiece, arrange your hair in loose waves or a soft curl. Whether you choose plain greens or vibrant flowers, you’re going to be a beautiful bride.

Sleek Ballerina Bun Topknot

You might believe that this classic hairstyle is just appropriate for ballrooms, yet it’s great for a wedding day hairstyle! It’s one of the most adaptable bridal hairstyles available today. With a stunning and dramatic topknot, channel your inner ballerina and maybe take a twirl or two on the dance floor.


What to consider for a Mother of the Bride Hairstyle?

If your hair is long enough, I would opt for a loose curl updo. Something very feminine and soft that will frame the delight on your face. Also, you could pop on a flower or maybe something a little glitzy. I think any form of straight hair might be too harsh.

Should the mother of the groom wear hair up or down?

In most cases, an updo is the ideal mother of the groom’s hairdo. You’ll see a lot of examples of a low bun or a french twist. Hair that holds its form effectively and hair too short to style can benefit from wearing it down.


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