About Us

First off,


We are so happy for you and your partner! but we know there’s a lot more ahead than just excitement.

Of course, weddings are a time of great joy and celebration. But they can also be an overwhelming event that is difficult to plan on top of all the other preparations for such a large, important day. The excitement from the proposal can soon wear off and turn into stress and hecticness.

Weddings are about creating memories with friends and family

Weddings are often viewed as one-of-a-kind events with many details to consider and decisions to make.

There may be more pressure than ever before because people want their weddings to stand out from others in some way.

Weddings have evolved into so much more than just “I do”! Weddings today involve family, friends, traditions, rituals and celebrations that go far beyond the traditional ceremony itself! And there’s never been more information available about how you should plan your wedding – but where do you start? How will this impact your budget? How can you handle all the details and still have time for your partner during this busy time?!

How do you plan a wedding while keeping your unique style and personality? How do you go about finding the right venue, photographer and catering options that will be perfect for what you’re looking for? How do you get family and friends involved and excited about your wedding?

We’ve seen what works for many different people! We know that there are so many different ways to plan a wedding or even an engagement! all can be overwhelming but none have to be. We’re here to help you cut through all the lists, advice, opinions and ideas available out there.