Affordable Engagement Rings

Budget Engagement Rings & Affordable Diamond Engagement Ring

There’s an old tradition that states you have to spend 3 month’s wages on an Engagement Ring. Well, in today’s rotten climate, that just isn’t possible for everyone.

Aside from the current economic climate, this is rarely ideal and not all couples want to spend their entire savings on a ring because that’s what’s expected of them. Rings can be expensive and maybe you’re a couple that would rather put the money towards the big day, the dress or the honeymoon.

Your wedding and marriage don’t have to be, or rather shouldn’t be focused on how much it all costs and whether or not you have the flashiest, most expensive rings. You do you!

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Inexpensive Engagement Rings

So let’s forget traditional spending and focus on what you want. An Affordable Engagement Ring.

It is completely possible to find a beautiful stone on a band that doesn’t cost you thousands of pounds.

Over the years, the quality of lower-priced rings has increased as well as the size of the stone.

Your Choice for Engagement Ring / Alternative Engagement Rings

Just because the tradition is to have a diamond engagement ring, it doesn’t mean YOU have to have a diamond on your ring.

There are so many beautiful stones and gems out there that may be more meaningful and appropriate than a diamond.

My friends got engaged earlier this year. The ring was stunning. It was a Sapphire on a Rose Gold band. As far from tradition as you can get, but it works for them and is no less beautiful than a diamond ring and neither is the sentiment.

You could even go for coloured gemstones like an Amethyst Engagement Ring for example. Don’t be afraid to explore your choices!

How to stick to a budget

When looking for a ring, it’s important to have a budget in mind. Having a budget makes it much easier to find either what you’re looking for or something you’re going to love and be able to afford.

Don’t be afraid to consider in some wiggle room. The perfect ring, that one ring that is absolutely and completely perfect, might be an extra £100. No budget should be 100% strict when it comes to anything surrounding a wedding or engagement!

When deciding on the budget, make sure that it works with your financial position.

Getting married is a stressful and costly process, so I would recommend avoiding any stress where possible.

You’ll know when you’ve found the right ring so ignore the old traditions and don’t stress over what the in-laws might say. It’s about you and your partner. You know that person, more than anyone else, and you will know the right ring once you’ve found it.

Choosing a band: Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold?

It is completely your choice but it’s always a good idea to find out your partners preferences on their dream engagement ring. Anything that helps you make the decision is going to make the process easier.

If you’re nervous about giving the game away and you want it to be a complete secret, you could always ask the store clerk what the popular choice is right now (Let me tell you… it’s Rose Gold).

The band for the engagement ring is where you can save a little extra cash and put that into the Diamond or stone of your choice. All Gold bands have Carats: Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold. The lower the Carat the lower the price. Simple!

Engagement Rings Under £500

While you can buy rings from the High Street, I’m writing about rings that can be bought online. Not only due to the pandemic making it hard to go to a jewellery store sometimes, but the savings you can make online are hard to ignore.

Stores such as F Hinds, The Jewel Hut, Q P Jewelers and Gemondo all have great reviews and are trustworthy.

Why pay more to go to a physical store? Heading out to the shop can make hiding it from your partner. Most places will offer free resizing online and even offer discreet shipping.

I want to show you a great selection of engagement rings with the best designs that you can buy discreetly online for less than £500.

The 9ct White Gold Diamond Ring from F Hinds is retailing for just under the £500 bracket. By retailing at £499. The ring features channel-set diamonds which are placed around the band, which draws your eye to the stunning cluster of diamonds in the centre.

(There is around 1/4cts of weight in the diamonds).

By using a cluster of small diamonds, it has given the illusion of one massive diamond. In doing this they have saved the buyer a lot of money while producing a quality product. One diamond the size of this cluster would cost you a fortune.

This ring is exclusive to F Hinds.

The 9ct Gold 3 Stone 0.15ct Diamond Ring from the Jewel Hut, retailing at £495 is a bargain! It is so elegant and simple. You can tell that, even though this item is cheaper, it doesn’t hold back on quality.

Due to its trio of super sparkly diamonds, the white gold shank is also an impressive touch as it accentuates the 3 diamonds.

The Diamond Crown Solitaire Ring 0.15 ct in 9ct White Gold at QP Jewellers retailing for £475.

This ring is handcrafted made of 9-carat solid white gold with a round cut Diamond of 0.15 carats.

The ring used to be £800 but it is on sale as of the time I am writing this. It’s very simple, leaving the beauty to the diamond and the person wearing it.

Now, one I really like is the Round Cut Diamond Ring 0.15 cts in 9ct White Gold from QP Jewelers. It’s retailing now at £395 in the sale. The ring is handcrafted in 9 carats white gold, like the previous choice from QP Jewellers.

I chose this ring as I liked how the band flowed around the 3 diamonds. Yes, 3 sparkling diamonds, all-around cut and 0.15cts.

This beautiful 9ct Rose Gold Diamond Cluster Ring from F Hinds is retailing at £249.99.

I wanted to include this ring as I thought the styling was very clever.

Like many of the rings in this article, it features a cluster of diamonds at the centre of the ring, saving you money when compared to a solid diamond of the same size.

The clusters amount to 0.25cts, which sits upon a modern, Rose gold band. Notice the price has dropped by £100. This is because the band isn’t made of platinum or white gold.

If you wanted to spend a little more on diamonds, choosing a cheaper metal is a good compromise to make.

The Classic Baguette Ruby & Diamond in 9CT Yellow Gold at Gemondo is currently retailing at £229.

I’ve put in this ring to show you an Engagement ring where a diamond isn’t the focus of the piece.

Instead, this ring features a ruby at the centre, with small diamond shoulders that all rests upon a 9ct yellow gold band.

A Ruby is an excellent alternative to a diamond as Rubies represent love and passion.

Due to the deep red colour of the stone they have been worn for many years and gifted to many people as a symbol of love.

Affordable Engagement Rings Summary

As you can see there are a wide variety of choices out there that you can consider. Whether you want the diamond or if you want the gemstone, If you want the Platinum band or the Rose Gold band, there are numerous options out there.

There is a lot of compromise with getting a budget ring but you will definitely find a new ring that you’ll love on any of the websites I have shown you.. If not, why don’t you have a look at our options for Antique Rings?

I don’t think you are going to find a great diamond on a platinum band for less than £500. Unless it is in the sale. But prove me wrong!


Is it safe to buy an engagement ring online?

Purchasing an engagement ring online is totally safe, but you’ll want to purchase your ring from a reputable jeweller. Just to ensure that your ring arrives safely with a certificate and a warranty.

Can I return an Engagement ring I bought online?

Many merchants accept returns or exchanges in general, but because each retailer’s policies vary, it’s critical to check all shipping and return policies before purchasing your ring. Custom-made engagement rings are normally not eligible for returns or refunds.

Is it cheaper to buy loose diamonds for an engagement ring?

Buying a loose diamond from a diamond wholesaler is the absolute cheapest option to get a diamond engagement ring. However, I would steer clear from this option as it’s harder to get a refund if you want to return it.


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