Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Instead of having a guest book that will forever sit on your shelf, which is hardly ever opened after your wedding day. Why not think about an alternative, fun and unique idea for your wedding guest book?

There are so many different ideas floating around now, and some of them are excellent and perfect if you are after an alternative wedding guest book.

Take a look below at some of the impressive alternatives to a traditional guest book.

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The game of Jenga is a well-known and loved pastime for many. But what if you want to add an interesting twist? Well, with this custom wedding version, your guests will be able to leave messages, like a fond memory, on wooden blocks that can later bring back fun memories when playing this traditional game.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but why not frame your most special messages from wedding guests? Leave kraft paper tags for them to write a personal note on, and then you can peg some of the favourites onto this beautiful frame. Hang it up in your home so that all year long.

This personalised wedding guest box comes with blank wooden hearts that guests can write special messages on and post into the drop top frame. Thanks to its clear front, you’ll be able to see all their mementoes piling up, like a treasure map for your big day!

The wedding guest box is such an adorable idea – not only will it be an excellent keepsake but also something new friends could enjoy reminiscing over as well years down the line.

Pick your favourite photo from your photo album as the backdrop.

There are other designs of this concept. Why not get the frame in the shape of a heart?

This fun take on the classic game Connect4 is perfect for couples who love to play games in their free time. This guest book alternative requires guests to sign discs with a sweet message written on them; then, each person takes turns playing connect four until someone wins! I love this brilliant wedding guest book option.

Once your guests have completed the jigsaw puzzle, you can frame it to make a piece of artwork for your newlywed home by signing a jigsaw piece. Or you can use it as a simple board game, though it might be hard to put back together!

There may not be much room for a big personal message, but sometimes short and sweet is best!

If you have a rustic wedding surrounded by trees, why not use this fun take on an alternative guest book? Your wedding guests can write a special note on a wooden heart and hang it on the tree. The wishing tree with lots of hearts hanging from the branches is such a cute idea.

For a meaningful guestbook for a happy couple who love to travel or for a travel-themed wedding, this is the perfect guestbook alternative. Your guests write a handwritten note and then drop it into the picture frame. It also makes for a fun piece of decor after the wedding.

For a couple that likes upcycling or crafts, this is a fun wedding guest book! The mason jar will be full by the end of the wedding day and will look great on the kitchen shelf as a piece of decor.

For a bit of individual style, why not have a stacking heart guestbook? This lovely idea is a great take on a traditional guestbook as your guests can write more as there’s plenty of space for a bigger message on these hearts.

Give your guests a piece of chalk and let them write their special message on the chalk board! You could have a plain blackboard, but I liked this as it doesn’t fall into a guest book theme, and it’s not quite as feminine, as there are no hearts featured here.

The statement piece will look great on your shelf at home years into your successful marriage.


Are wedding guest books necessary?

No, it’s not essential to have guest books with messages from guests. But most couples do opt for it as it’s a special idea that commemorates the wedding day.

Is there a guest book at a bridal shower?

You can have a guest book for any special occasion. So if you want a keepsake of the day, then go for it!

What can you do instead of a wedding guest book?

If the budget is tight and you can’t afford to buy a wedding guest book alternative, why not use the wine corks from the wine bottle that will be drunk on the day. Guests can write messages on them, and then you can put them in a frame or a jar at home.


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