Antique Engagement Rings

Much like Antique Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings have the same rules to look at when looking to purchase an antique ring. You have got to make sure that it features characteristics of that era. The metal for example. White gold wouldn’t be associated with a Victorian ring, as they didn’t have White Gold back then.

More and more women are looking at having an Antique/Vintage ring due to these characteristics and the personality behind them. Every Antique Ring has a history, a story. Why wouldn’t you want something on your finger, that you will wear forever, that is made from such precise craftsmanship? Jewellers used to be so proud of what they made that they stamped the ring. To me, that is a high indication that I am purchasing, gifting or receiving a high-quality item.

We know that modern rings are made in a mould, then buffed and polished to remove any impurities. Which does indicate that a lot of women will have the same ring. A lot of women are wanting to stand out now and have an individual style. And why should it stop at the engagement ring?

Budgeting. You will definitely need a budget when deciding to go for an Antique. I’ve heard more often than not that an Antique ring will be cheaper than the new modern ones. Which I think is technically true. The Modern rings don’t have half the craftsmanship in them and they are charging top dollar prices. But when it comes to numbers, you might be scared off by the price of an antique ring. But know that the price comes with history, craftsmanship and are one of a kind.
The special someone who you are purchasing the engagement ring for will appreciate the amount of effort that went into finding the perfect ring, instead of walking into the shop and being told that a particular ring is in favour these days. It will show that you know your personality and put a lot of thought into it.

All of these rings are exquisite and of a variety of prices. So you should find something that is totally perfect for you and within your budget.

The Old European Cut Diamond Ring is definitely one of the best and definitely one of the most expensive rings. But you do just have to look at the pure craftsmanship and details of this ring to appreciate that it would cost a fortune.

I find it hard these days to find a true European Cut ring. So I was shocked to find this listing. It is rare and it is stated as such.
The ring comes from the Edwardian Era, 1900, with a platinum band.

The Diamond is a whopping 5.06cts. Far bigger than the suggested diamond size of 1.08 – 1.2. I mean what better way to say to your loved ones that you love them and want to give them everything? And to top it all off the mounting is clearly handcrafted with open-work, engraved detailing. This ring is truly special.

The Vintage Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring is such a find for this price. It’s stunning. This Art Deco 1920s piece develops on the traditional engagement ring style, making it suitable for anyone and therefore meaning that it will look timeless.

This gorgeous, effortless-looking ring features a 1.10ct diamond which has been cut in the method of a Transitional Cut. And set with 4 old french cut diamonds and another set with 6 matching single cut round accent diamonds. Which is all placed upon a Platinum band.

The ring is in excellent condition, being only slightly worn, seeing as it is from the 1920s.
The seller has stated that it can be personalised. Making it even more personal to you and the receiver.

The Antique Edwardian Diamond Ring is for people who don’t have a huge budget. But still want to get a ring with all the characteristics of a more expensive one.

It’s a fabulous 18ct Yellow Gold band, with a 0.2ct old cut diamond that has some of the best clarity I’ve seen for a 1910 diamond. Yes, this ring was made in 1910. A True Antique Engagement ring.

This ring will sparkle and dance in the candlelight. Making it a stunning item.
I can’t get enough of it! It is a truly romantic piece of jewellery.

Size N ½ – But can be resized.

There are so many Antique rings out there, you really just need to dive into the world of them to find the right ones. Etsy is a great place to look as there are sellers all over the world, with one of a kind items that will charge reasonable prices.


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