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At this time of year I get swamped with emails telling me what’s hot and what’s not in the world of weddings. Pity the poor bride who relies on such lists to create the perfect big day – especially if she starts planning a year in advance as most do. Picture it: you’ve just had [...]

“How generous!” you’re thinking. Or maybe, more realistically, you’re going down your mental list trying to work out which wedding TV concept remains to be pounced upon (gipsy weddings – done, grooms planning weddings – done, surplus guests giving your wedding marks out of 10 – done, big and fat weddings – done, done, done!) [...]

We’re always up for a good cause at Ethical Weddings and this one delivers a real win-win for soon-to-be-wed couples. Wish Upon a Wedding launched in January 2010 with the aim of giving couples facing terminal illness and other serious life-altering circumstances a wonderful wedding or vow renewal day (regardless of sexual orientation). The organisation [...]

When we heard about Project Priceless we thought it would make a great story for Ethical Weddings. And after getting Brian and Jordan’s answers to a few carefully crafted questions we knew we were right! But before we jump into the interview, a bit of background. Brian and Jordan are the happy couple who, when [...]

I spotted a great article in the Family section of the Guardian last weekend.  Called ‘Our secret weddings‘, it brought together the stories of couples who had, for one reason or another (anarchic leanings, unwanted guests, fear of frills and flounces), stepped away from the big white wedding. Reading these tales of knot-tying on the [...]

The girls at the Great Big Green Wedding Fayre asked me for a few thoughts on how ethical and green weddings had grown (or not) since we started Ethical Weddings some years ago. I’d like to share my ideas with you – brides and grooms trying to plan a wedding less ordinary – and see [...]

After an excellent review from our blogger bride, Henriette (who got married at the weekend – congratulations!), blogger bride Denise has stepped up to the mark with her own review of ‘Wedding planning on a budget the curse of el charro download ‘ by Tim and Lisa Spooner.  So without further ado, I shall hand [...]