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After the vows have been said, the rings have been exchanged, and the band has packed it in for the night, the time comes to drive away off into a new married life – often in a car picked especially for the occasion. But what goes into picking out the car – or other form [...]

Winter is a wonderful time of year for a wedding, and first choice for many couples who adore the serenity and beauty of this frosty season. There’s nothing that beats the pristine elegance of a cold winter’s day.  Imagine the enchantment of gathering together to celebrate in a warm, softly lit venue ensconced against the [...]

Sometimes it’s hard to work out just how ethical a destination wedding can be but the ecotourism principles of “uniting conservation, communities and sustainable travel” are a good starting point. Have a read of our earlier post, Green destination weddings – an oxymoron? to understand the balance of air travel versus a home wedding.  Once you’ve [...]

Do you love the idea of getting married on a golden beach or in a lush forest with macaws calling from the tree tops and only your closest friends and family for company? Imagine saying (or yelling) your vows while bungee jumping or tying the knot under water.  Is Las Vegas calling? You want a [...]

As the weather turns colder and the leaves tempt you to kick them from their autumnal piles, it seems apt to dedicate October to the destination wedding. And it’s about time we did. The destination wedding market has experienced massive growth over the last decade. A study in May this year revealed that over a [...]

Once again, we’re delighted to bring you another fantastic real green wedding story. Faye and David got married at Folly Farm near Bristol in April this year and did all they could to make the wedding as local and low carbon as possible. With hay bales and bunting, tipis and homemade lanterns, and Somerset cider [...]

Just a quick post tonight as we’ve been having sleepless nights with our nearly-2-year-old and I’m running on empty! I gave an interview a month or two ago with US-based Environmental Protection magazine and the article is now out. As well as my little bit it includes some useful tips and stats from The Green [...]

No matter what shade of green you are, chances are you’ve given a lot of thought to your wedding and honeymoon and keeping them both in line with your values as a couple.

We’re often told that going green means keeping it local – which is all well and good but does pose a few problems for fair trade products coming from developing countries. The dilemma is dividing us into two camps – those whose priority is the environment and local communities, and those for whom issues of social justice – human [...]

After 10 glorious days in sunny Spain we’re back! It was great to completely ‘desconectar’ (no internet, no computers) for a while…and it’s taking a bit of getting used to being plugged in again (that’s our excuse for not replying to any emails yet anyway!). We decided for this holiday we’d go the low carbon [...]

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