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We are very excited to announce the first wedding dress donation through our Follow That Dress campaign. Fiona got married in 2009 and read our post Donate your wedding dress to Malawi. Hi, I have a wedding dress, veil and shoes that I would like to donate to the lady in Malawi (Joyce) if possible. [...]

We’re about to leave the glamorous world of destination weddings to explore eco entertainment this month. But before we do, we thought it important to publish this article from charity Plan UK and the far from glamorous issue of early and forced marriage which in countries such as Niger, Chad and Mali exceeds 70%.  Over [...]

We have spent this month profiling how your wedding can help charities, and, in turn, a few of the charities who might be able to help you, with their donation projects and gift lists. We have spoken about ‘spreading the love’ and passing the smile on from bride to bride. So we thought you might [...]

We know that buying your wedding dress from a charity shop is a good thing – but just how much of a good thing? To find out, we want to follow a wedding dress, if possible from the first donator to the final bride who decides she wants to keep it for her daughter. Whether [...]

Charity weddings are all about giving something back. For most of us, this stops after the big day itself. But what if you felt inspired to keep giving and giving and giving for years to come? That’s what happened to Alicia French – and the result was The Charity Wedding website to help other couples [...]

Did you know there’s something lurking in your attic with the power to change the world? No, it’s not the pile of 1990s Cosmos, your first pair of deathtrap teenage platforms, the tent unwashed from Glastonbury ‘03 or last summer’s wasp nest. It’s wrapped in tissue, pristinely folded, cost a fortune, is full of memories [...]

Charity wedding lists have been knocking around for a while, and we are all familiar with the basic concept – instead of showering you with unwanted cutlery and the proverbial toaster, guests make donations to the charity of your choice. Many charities such as Oxfam have developed their own wedding list services. Prince William and Kate [...]

We have been swamped recently by enquiries from big-hearted brides wanting to donate their dresses overseas. So we were thrilled when we got a different kind of email – from a reader in Buckinghamshire asking how she could collect pre-loved wedding dresses to help a family and community in Malawi. Clare Clements sponsors the education [...]

Top charity wedding venues

Did you ever picture yourself writing a cheque to a charity for £3,000? Well now’s your chance – only, you’ll be getting more in return than the feelgood factor. Choosing a charity wedding venue doesn’t have to mean getting married in the local donkey sanctuary (though that could be cool – let’s not diss the [...]

There’s nothing like a wedding to make people realise the important things in life – but that good feeling needn’t fizzle away the morning after with your alka-seltzer! Even if you have gone for ‘Something New’ rather than ‘Old’ or ‘Borrowed’ for the big day itself, there are plenty of opportunities for post-wedding charity. After [...]

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