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As you may have gathered, my betrothed and I are keen on the idea of a unique nuptial celebration… Not least when it comes to our attire. Neither of us is comfortable in a dress or skirt, so it seems daft to wear one on our special day. And we are carefully avoiding anything reminiscent [...]

I have been having trouble finding ethically-made products which fit our needs, here in Australia. In particular, options for ethical clothing are very limited compared to what’s available in the UK. I had the idea of getting a jacket made locally, but I haven’t been able to find much in the way of fairtrade / [...]

“Why don’t you just find a hall?” a friend asked us. We did hope it would be that simple. Call around a few churches and community groups, and find one with a pleasant enough hall which can fit about 60 guests (current estimate) for our party in Australia. Ah, how wrong we were. We were [...]

It does makes you think, this Civil Partnership malarkey. Is it the same as marriage? What if we don’t get a chance to say “I do” or exchange vows when we register our partnership? Is it still a ‘wedding’? If you compare Civil Partnership with the common idea of a wedding, it’s hard to ignore [...]

A big warm welcome to the Surfer Chicks and their first post on their plans for an ethical civil partnership…over to you girls! “We’re getting Civilly Partnered! Or should that be ‘Civil Partnershipped’? Hmm, maybe ‘hitched’? Oh, what the heck… We’re getting MARRIED!! This declaration is often met with blank looks here in Australia, where [...]

Welcome to our new style Ethical Weddings blog on this auspicious day, the day after Valentine’s Day! Three years ago today I got engaged…Last night I told my husband over a mind-blowing meal at Brighton’s top veggie restaurant, the cordon ‘vert’ Terre a Terre (my first time!), that maybe in future we should celebrate the day [...]

As promised, here is the interview with Belinda Chapman of Light on Life – cross-posted from City Hippy: Celebrant Belinda Chapman of Light on Life works from Arka Eco-Funerals in Brighton and from nearby Lewes. She got in touch to see how Light on Life might be able to work with Ethical Weddings and I [...]