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Great news! We have had a last minute guest post from eco Ireland expert, Catherine Mack with her ideas for a green Irish destination wedding. Enjoy… I am, perhaps, not the best person to ask about weddings in Ireland, as we actually did the old fashioned thing and eloped, escaping a big Irish wedding and [...]

For today’s post, we invited Laura of Magnetic North Travel to share her tips on planning a wedding in magical Scandinavia.  Over to Laura… The countries of Scandinavia have strong green credentials – it’s hardly surprising when you think about the beauty of their natural assets such as the fjords of Norway and fells of [...]

There was a time when newly-weds would leave the wedding reception early and, with a jolly wave and a clatter of cans, disappear into the sunset. Now it’s more common for the happy couple to stay to the bitter end.  Bride and bridegroom emerge blinking and bleary-eyed at breakfast the next morning to greet their guests and [...]

Sometimes it’s hard to work out just how ethical a destination wedding can be but the ecotourism principles of “uniting conservation, communities and sustainable travel” are a good starting point. Have a read of our earlier post, Green destination weddings – an oxymoron? to understand the balance of air travel versus a home wedding.  Once you’ve [...]

Earlier this week, we introduced you to the idea of ‘honeyteering’. But when the world is your oyster, how do you start prising out the pearl that is just right for you? Here are our top 6 suggestions for projects all over the globe, from Tanzanian families and Kalahari meerkats to organic farming in South [...]

It has a certain ring to it doesn’t it? Honeyteering. Not quite as saccharine sweet as ‘honeymooning’, but with a touch more allure than ‘volunteering’… A traditional honeymoon may have lost its currency for many newlyweds hoping to experience something unforgettable in their precious time alone after the marriage ceremony. It’s common for people to [...]

With a third more UK couples now deciding on a destination wedding, might you too be toying with the idea of jumping on a plane, conjuring up different climates, countries and crazy activities? Maybe you’re working out what ethical elements will underpin your tropical vows and after reading the Tale of two sisters in our previous [...]

Do you love the idea of getting married on a golden beach or in a lush forest with macaws calling from the tree tops and only your closest friends and family for company? Imagine saying (or yelling) your vows while bungee jumping or tying the knot under water.  Is Las Vegas calling? You want a [...]

As the weather turns colder and the leaves tempt you to kick them from their autumnal piles, it seems apt to dedicate October to the destination wedding. And it’s about time we did. The destination wedding market has experienced massive growth over the last decade. A study in May this year revealed that over a [...]