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With St Valentine waiting just around the corner anxious suitors are getting ready to seize the day and pop that all-important question. But what to pop it with? And what to tie the knot with once it’s been popped? How can we find engagement and wedding rings that share the love a little? Well we [...]

The Proposal was a fairly lack-lustre affair. We had both been ill with a vicious flu-style bug, and off work for about two weeks. I was beginning to think I would never be well again, and if Toby whinged about feeling crap one more time I was going to kill him with my snot. He [...]

I can honestly say that our relationship can be split into two parts: the blissful two years up to the proposal… and the hectic 3.5 months since! If I could have chosen one place in the world to fall in love, it would have been Woodford Folk Festival. Living in Brisbane, Australia, since 2000 (and [...]

Tim Rhode of Ingle & Rhode, ethical jewellery designers and our featured supplier of the week, shares some practical tips on choosing an engagement ring… over to Tim: How to choose the right engagement ring? Choosing a ring can be time consuming, expensive and stressful. So how do you find a deal that will leave both you [...]

Following on from our post questioning the cleanliness of Canadian diamonds, we have asked Greg Valerio of Cred Jewellery, who are pushing for fair trade diamonds, for his thoughts on the issue. Over to Greg… Firstly, due to the Kimberley Process the likelihood of someone buying a conflict diamond is now less than 1%. The only [...]

In the wake of Leo’s film ‘Blood Diamond’, conflict free diamonds have hit the headlines in a big way.  No longer is the mention of conflict free carbon met with a blank look and a ‘huh?’.  Now it’s a, ‘oh, like in that film…’.  But was the film too little too late? Or have the issues [...]

Welcome to our new style Ethical Weddings blog on this auspicious day, the day after Valentine’s Day! Three years ago today I got engaged…Last night I told my husband over a mind-blowing meal at Brighton’s top veggie restaurant, the cordon ‘vert’ Terre a Terre (my first time!), that maybe in future we should celebrate the day [...]