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Being creative types here at Ethical Weddings, we got pretty excited about having storytellers as part of the wedding entertainment. As many brides are inspired by the beauty and history of Scotland, we’ve interviewed Scot and his partner Samantha from Scottish Master of Ceremonies as they craft authentic tales, hand-fasting ceremonies, cross weaving and plaid demonstrations as part of wedding [...]

In part one of this article we investigated fireworks and their potentially  harmful effects on the environment.  This week we take a look at what is often used as a fiery, low cost alternative to pyrotechnics, Chinese lanterns. We previously explored their environmental impact in our post Eco Chinese sky lanterns – myth or magical? and [...]

Whether it’s mixologists, party games, fire dancers or juggling bagpipers, here are some of our favourite snaps.  Hire an organic drinks company and entertain guests by making an ‘English 75’, with has ‘organic blackberry infused organic dry and sloe gins, topped with English Brut sparkling wine, sweetened with sage syrup and garnished with a rosemary [...]

We want our wedding guests to enjoy themselves and key ingredients for a good time are dancing, music, games and stories. But what are the ethical options? An unplugged band is not the limit. What about entertainers who have a connection to the local area, promote eco-sensibilities or revive a lost tradition? In 1900, Scottish [...]

When it comes to wedding entertainment, the happy couple has as many options as an iPod playlist. Magicians, drummers, sommeliers, Ceilidh organisers, storytellers, acrobats, cocktail mixologists, bagpipers, line dancers, and musicians could all form part of your special day. And that’s just inside the venue, how about fireworks or sky lanterns to celebrate your union? There [...]

From cocktails to Ceilidhs, from story telling to swing bands, in the weeks to come we’ll be looking at a variety of traditional and alternative wedding entertainment, as well as throwing in some really innovative ideas to help you plan the fun part of your wedding while still keep it low impact and earth friendly. [...]