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How often have we heard or read the dreaded phrase ‘wedding diet’? Or seen the latest version of it being hawked from the newsstand by a glowing celebrity (whose bevy of meal planners and stylists no doubt give her a head start on the average bride on the street)? A quick ‘wedding diet’ Google search [...]

No speeches, no sit-down meal, no wedding favours. Emily and Paul’s alternative wedding plans may have upset the traditionalists but doing things their own way made for a personal and meaningful celebration that sizzled with style while still taking care of the planet and the pennies. Find out how ebay came up with the vintage [...]

We got rather overexcited the other day when an email popped into our inbox to tell us You & Your Wedding magazine was loving this blog. Even though our posts aren’t coming quite as thick and fast as they once did – the inevitable result of new small child-shaped duties and related sleep deprivation – [...]

Mark and Denise wanted a spectacular wedding, but one that was chilled out, full of games and sunshine – of course there was also the challenge of a second wedding….!

Hello! In part 1 I shared about our last-minute preparations, so here is how the actual wedding ceremony went. Seasonal wedding flowers The church was beautiful, we found a florist who was a friend of my parents, and who was sympathetic to our green ideas. She sourced flowers and greenery as seasonally as possible, including [...]

Phew, finally got round to blogging about our wedding! Been married for 6 months, but better late than never. It was an amazing and beautiful day. The wedding party began to arrive the day before, and we put the finishing touches to the decorations and food that could be done in advance. In the evening, [...]

The girls at the Great Big Green Wedding Fayre asked me for a few thoughts on how ethical and green weddings had grown (or not) since we started Ethical Weddings some years ago. I’d like to share my ideas with you – brides and grooms trying to plan a wedding less ordinary – and see [...]

Yay! We have another couple ready to share their ethical wedding story. I’ll hand over to Sarah and Marc for all the green gossip… The couple: Sarah Irving and Marc Hudson Wedding date: 27 September 2008 Venue and location: Manchester Registry Office and Manchester Bridge Club Approx budget: £3500 What inspired you to have an [...]

Today is an exciting day for us as we get to welcome another couple into the Ethical Weddings blogging fold. Henriette and John have taken time out from their wedding planning schedule to share a few details from their big (or small!) day… The couple: Henriette and John Wedding date: 30 May 2009 Venue and [...]

The Proposal was a fairly lack-lustre affair. We had both been ill with a vicious flu-style bug, and off work for about two weeks. I was beginning to think I would never be well again, and if Toby whinged about feeling crap one more time I was going to kill him with my snot. He [...]

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