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So, here we are again. I’ve had a week to recover and now I’m ready to deliver my verdict on 2007 vs. 2013: the fair trade off. Based on nothing scientific whatsoever, but rather on the findability (my word) of fair trade items in each area of wedding planning combined with a gut feeling, I [...]

It’s the last day! We made it – it’s been tough, and I have to tell you there have been a lot of very late nighters to get this done but here we are on Day 14 of Fairtrade Fortnight. It’s not just about the groom and his guys today – we’re looking at the [...]

And so we reach the final weekend of our Fairtrade Fortnight Wedding Challenge. What are we left with? Only the biggest challenge of all: THE DRESS. But don’t worry, we’re not completely bridecentric. Today we’re doing fair trade wedding gowns, tomorrow we’ll be looking at bridesmaid dresses and groomswear. Hey guys, we saved the best [...]

On to one of our favourite fair trade topics – the wedding cake. With the Fairtrade mark stamping more ingredients than ever before, you can have (forgive us) your ethical cake and eat it too. In fact, it has come a long way since 2007 when we could only find two sources of Fairtrade wedding [...]

The big 4 supermarkets all offer Fairtrade bouquets and as we are fast approaching Mother’s Day (10th March in case you missed the huge pink banners in most shop windows), they all have bright bunches on their homepages like this one from that old Mother’s Day faithful, M&S. But we had to stay focused and [...]

So, rings. This is the big one. This is one area that has seen huge changes since 2007. In fact, in 2007 wedding and engagement rings merited only a 2 or 3 line mention as part of our Accessories post. Now they have a post all of their own – thanks to Tara who has [...]

We didn’t cover honeymoons in our Fairtrade Fortnight Challenge in 2007 but enthusiasm for travel that gives something back shows no signs of waning so we thought we’d look into it for 2013. Photo from Kerala Connections – read more about the company below Have you spotted the Fairtrade mark while leafing through honeymoon brochures? [...]

It’s Day 8 of our Fairtrade Fortnight Wedding Challenge. We’re half way there and we’ve got so much to get through I’m combining 2 posts into 1 tonight: photos and music. We’ll start with the pics. I know everything is digital these days but a beautiful wedding album that you can just flick through when [...]

In 2007 our Fairtrade Fortnight Challenge post was all about wine but this time around we thought we’d widen the search a bit to include beer, spirits and soft drinks too. Fairtrade wine 6 years ago, Fairtrade wine was still an emerging market – now it’s got serious and is winning awards. Olivia at The [...]

And on the 6th day, I rested… (I know, I know, it was the 7th day but hey, I’m not God!). It’s always important when you’re planning a wedding to take time out for you and your partner and a fair trade wedding is no different. So today it’s Thank you Food of the Gods [...]

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