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It’s the last day! We made it – it’s been tough, and I have to tell you there have been a lot of very late nighters to get this done but here we are on Day 14 of Fairtrade Fortnight. It’s not just about the groom and his guys today – we’re looking at the [...]

Hello! In part 1 I shared about our last-minute preparations, so here is how the actual wedding ceremony went. Seasonal wedding flowers The church was beautiful, we found a florist who was a friend of my parents, and who was sympathetic to our green ideas. She sourced flowers and greenery as seasonally as possible, including [...]

Other progress, people. Makeup the long kiss goodnight movie Hannibal Brooks movie Windcroft ipod At first, I wanted my own friend to do the make up, but of course my parents did not let me. Okay, then I surveyed four makeup artists in town with the help of two of my good friends (I don’t [...]

95% Giving up

With my wedding being only about two months from now, I think I’m not supposed to be on Ethical Weddings blog anymore. Well, things been quite a mess down here, I’ve decided to 95% give up. I know you shouldn’t wave that white flag before you use your own blood to bathe, but really I’m [...]

Such a horrifying title, I know. I’ve told you that

Mr. H and I haven’t discussed anything again with my parents yet since our previous meeting, but I’m, once more, relieved that we have reached to another new progress in deciding a few things. Wedding outfits—let’s fight again Apparently Mr. H, as I do, doesn’t really agree with most of my stepmom’s ‘conventional’ ideas in [...]

It’s obviously relieving and exciting to eventually have our wedding date set (mid July 2009, but I can’t reveal the date here… yet). However, it’s also such a pain that, again, my family (or my parents, to be exact) always think that my perspective of a simple, ethical wedding is stupid and weird (well, they [...]

Slow Progress

Plenty of things (that, in point of fact, includes conflicts and its relatives) got in the way, so in a negative way to say: we don’t undergo too much progress in our wedding planning and preparations so far. At least in early July we had the ‘official’ marriage-proposal from Mr. Husband-to-be’s family. Well, he did [...]

Until now I haven’t shown my dad anything (articles, news, etc.) in regards to ethical weddings, though already planned that. Well, I do have two articles from the internet, both in Indonesian (as my dad doesn’t speak English)—it’s so hard to get writing on earth-friendly weddings in my very own language. The problem now: the [...]

I never thought that being close with this man only for a couple months could lead readiness for a marriage (I was previously an average no-no sayer to marriage life). And I never thought that when the readiness came, I didn’t even get a chance to hear a romantic “Will you marry me?” question (well, [...]