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We’re taking a brief break from our green groom theme to celebrate Vegetarian Week with this post on edible flowers. Over to Tara… Seeing, smelling and eating colour – The joy of edible flowers I love talking, thinking about and eating good food! And, I don’t think I’m alone in that. Planning the gourmet aspects [...]

The big 4 supermarkets all offer Fairtrade bouquets and as we are fast approaching Mother’s Day (10th March in case you missed the huge pink banners in most shop windows), they all have bright bunches on their homepages like this one from that old Mother’s Day faithful, M&S. But we had to stay focused and [...]

Happy Christmas everyone! To celebrate we thought we’d give you flowers. Here are our five favourite bunches for a winter wedding. Felt and button bouquet by Princess Lasertron Paper rose bouquet from a storybook; by Valerie Lloyd by LoveMimo Bouquet of cotton and linen as seen on Wedzu Origami bouquet by Sweet Peas Paper Flowers [...]

You can’t have a wedding without flowers – can you? What if you care about where they were grown, how far they’ve had to travel… and what they can do to your nicely honed budget? When it comes to winter, eco florists Organic Blooms, who grow all their own flowers, tell us that anything that is bought [...]

Flowers are a ‘perennial’ (excuse the pun) talking point among our readers, who often ask us how to keep their bouquets and decorations eco and ethical, without being too ‘cutesy’ or clichéd. It can be an ethical minefield.  Local? Organic? Fairtrade? Cut or planted? So we are delighted to have the fresh perspective of Matthew [...]

For lots of you planning an ethical wedding, flowers quickly become the thorn in your side. You can’t have your big day without them, but you’re struggling to have an eco day with them! If they were a wedding guest, they would be the dodgy friend who turns up late, nicks a few presents and [...]

WorldSkills London 2011 Have a Go (a national campaign to provide one million opportunities for people across the UK to try a new skill) is exhibiting at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and has taken eco and ethical weddings as its theme. The stand features two eco-wedding dresses made from sustainable bamboo and silk by [...]

Living in England – a country famed for its cottage gardens – it never occured to me that “green” wedding flowers would be such a challenge. But, according to the 30 (yes, that’s thirty) florists I spoke to in the 3 months leading up to our wedding, you’d have thought I was asking them to [...]

We’ve had a few posts in the past about brides having a go at growing their own wedding flowers. And while they’ve had a lot of fun doing it, it hasn’t been easy. So when I spotted this course in our local Friends Centre Autumn prospectus, I thought I’d share it with you.  After all, [...]

Hello! In part 1 I shared about our last-minute preparations, so here is how the actual wedding ceremony went. Seasonal wedding flowers The church was beautiful, we found a florist who was a friend of my parents, and who was sympathetic to our green ideas. She sourced flowers and greenery as seasonally as possible, including [...]

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