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This is the question we’ve been asking ourselves for a while – after all, a hire suit is intrinsically eco-friendly as it gets worn again and again, but where and how was the suit made in the first place, and what happens to it when it just can’t make it up the aisle one… more… [...]

This month we’ve been inspired by one of the coolest ethical and fair trade brands in men’s bridal fashion. Our favourite shirt maker, Arthur and Henry, produces beautiful fair trade shirts in organic cotton. We wanted to find out more about them so we collared (sorry) company owner (also “chief herder of geeks and boffins”), Clare Lissaman for more [...]

5 great green grooms

Today I’m sharing my top 5 green (read: eco, alternative, ethical…) groom stories as delivered to me very kindly via the wonders of the world wide web. Enjoy – and be inspired! 1. The crafty groom Incredible photos from Frolic Storytelling Ok, so the story is told by the bride (Chase) but the groom (Aaron) [...]

I’m very excited about this post but first I must apologise for the hiatus in our ‘All about the Groom’ theme – I’m blaming this largely on 2 bouts of chicken pox (1 each – nicely spaced). Anyway, we’re back with a great line-up of posts about the man of the moment. Over to Tara… [...]

My alternative husband

First things first, I need to clear something up. I wrote this post and was pretty pleased with it – then I looked back at the title and thought, hang on, that could sound like I’ve got another, alternative husband stashed away in a cupboard – for when I get bored of my current one. [...]

We are celebrating the groom this month and along with ethical clothing, crafty grooms and the shiny cufflinks we also want to talk about the stuff that’s on your mind. We want to talk about how you might be feeling, under pressure to be a perfect groom, wanting to ‘get it right’ for your bride [...]

Did the Elizabethans create the greenest cufflink ever with their ‘cuff string?’ Maybe, but unless you are a having a farm wedding with themed costumes to boot (think Worzel Gummidge) then string is not going to be the best look for 2013. With the advances in Fairtrade precious metals and ethical designers recycling interesting materials, [...]

We’re devoting the next few weeks to the man of the moment, the too often neglected groom. His traditional role is limited: choose a car to get to the church on time, maybe research the honeymoon, sort out some of the money stuff, put on a suit and turn up, say a few words. But [...]

It’s the last day! We made it – it’s been tough, and I have to tell you there have been a lot of very late nighters to get this done but here we are on Day 14 of Fairtrade Fortnight. It’s not just about the groom and his guys today – we’re looking at the [...]

So, you’ve planned the most ethical wedding ever, your super-green credentials make all your friends super-green with envy and you’ve gone to great lengths to ensure your hen do, honeymoon and the big day itself are perfectly guilt-free. But what about the one part of the proceedings you can’t control? Is it a truly ethical [...]

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