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We’re taking a brief break from our green groom theme to celebrate Vegetarian Week with this post on edible flowers. Over to Tara… Seeing, smelling and eating colour – The joy of edible flowers I love talking, thinking about and eating good food! And, I don’t think I’m alone in that. Planning the gourmet aspects [...]

We’re devoting the next few weeks to the man of the moment, the too often neglected groom. His traditional role is limited: choose a car to get to the church on time, maybe research the honeymoon, sort out some of the money stuff, put on a suit and turn up, say a few words. But [...]

A little thing we recorded with Euronews back in January that I’ve been meaning to share here. Hope you like it! (We’re on at 3.28) Read more about the Euronews Terra Viva Green Weddings episode. Katie What next? Sign up to our Ethical Weddings newsletter Follow us on Twitter @ethicalweddings Join us on Facebook

Kate Marillat interviews eco-friendly wedding planner, Clarisse of La Vie Est Un Voyage for her thoughts on putting together green winter nuptials: 1. What do you love about winter weddings? I love the natural colour scheme of the season: white, cream, gold,  or white, silver, icy blue. It looks enchanting and quite magical. Photos with [...]

Kate Marillat interviews wedding planner, Marine Kerivel-Brown of Boutique Wedding for her insider tips on planning a green winter celebration: 1. What do you love about winter weddings? Winter weddings are often fantastically cosy and warm, with more emphasis placed on guests and making sure they have a wonderful experience. They often require a little [...]

Winter is a wonderful time of year for a wedding, and first choice for many couples who adore the serenity and beauty of this frosty season. There’s nothing that beats the pristine elegance of a cold winter’s day.  Imagine the enchantment of gathering together to celebrate in a warm, softly lit venue ensconced against the [...]

You can’t have a wedding without flowers – can you? What if you care about where they were grown, how far they’ve had to travel… and what they can do to your nicely honed budget? When it comes to winter, eco florists Organic Blooms, who grow all their own flowers, tell us that anything that is bought [...]

There is something wonderfully appealing about a winter wedding.  Winter, in my book, has always represented a romantic time of year.  But a problem for many a bride, and her consorts, is how to stay feeling warm, while still looking wonderful. Tess bolero by Sanyukta Shrestha To help you out, as part of our Winter [...]

Hold on to your gloves, hats and scarves. This December we are covering winter weddings. Summer once had the monopoly, it hoarded weddings, made brides anxiously book venues months in advance, scrabble over florists and kidnap their dressmaker to ensure her undivided attention. All this just to have guaranteed hot weather, perhaps with an outside [...]

We’re starting a new monthly column called ‘Greenwatch’ where we find out how green and ethical wedding companies and ideas are sneaking into mainstream wedding media. We’ll be checking out the glossy wedding magazines (good excuse for a guilty pleasure) as well as some of the biggest, non-alternative, wedding blogs. The counterpart to this column [...]

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