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This is the question we’ve been asking ourselves for a while – after all, a hire suit is intrinsically eco-friendly as it gets worn again and again, but where and how was the suit made in the first place, and what happens to it when it just can’t make it up the aisle one… more… [...]

This month we’ve been inspired by one of the coolest ethical and fair trade brands in men’s bridal fashion. Our favourite shirt maker, Arthur and Henry, produces beautiful fair trade shirts in organic cotton. We wanted to find out more about them so we collared (sorry) company owner (also “chief herder of geeks and boffins”), Clare Lissaman for more [...]

… and something green

My wedding dress is not very eco-friendly and this caused me a lot of grief and green guilt. But I decided to keep it and be happy about it since it is beautiful, suits me perfectly, made my mother-in-law cry and is from Monsoon.  Also when I found out that Monsoon apart from doing lovely [...]

For today’s post, I’m delighted to introduce our first green groom, Adam, otherwise known as thegreenguy.  Adam’s big green day is not far off, in fact only a matter of weeks away, so I’m looking forward to reading about his last minute ethical wedding challenges…over to Adam! My search for an ethical suit is over. I’m [...]

As you may have gathered, my betrothed and I are keen on the idea of a unique nuptial celebration… Not least when it comes to our attire. Neither of us is comfortable in a dress or skirt, so it seems daft to wear one on our special day. And we are carefully avoiding anything reminiscent [...]

I have been having trouble finding ethically-made products which fit our needs, here in Australia. In particular, options for ethical clothing are very limited compared to what’s available in the UK. I had the idea of getting a jacket made locally, but I haven’t been able to find much in the way of fairtrade / [...]

Okay so bear with me, I know it’s meant to be a different item each day but the amount of info on clothing yesterday bowled me over so much that I felt I should continue today – is this cheating with the challenge (I hope not)? Yesterday, I introduced the idea of finding outfits for [...]