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So, you’ve planned the most ethical wedding ever, your super-green credentials make all your friends super-green with envy and you’ve gone to great lengths to ensure your hen do, honeymoon and the big day itself are perfectly guilt-free. But what about the one part of the proceedings you can’t control? Is it a truly ethical [...]

My wonderful husband let me out for the weekend and took sole responsibility of childcare duties so I could go gallivanting around London for my lovely friend Laura’s hen do. Laura took tips from The Natural Wedding Book for the civilised start to proceedings with a jewellery-making class followed by afternoon tea (am still regretting [...]

My hen party was absolutely gorgeous, totally healthy and only a bit naughty! We had a very civilised tea party in the afternoon at my bridesmaid Jacqui’s house and then a naughty drag queen cabaret followed by Chinese food in Soho. What was even more lovely is how supportive my friends are of my diet and [...]

The greenest way to have a hen party would be, well… not to have one at all. But I really love to go out with my girlfriends and I really want to have one! So I have decided to do it, but with as little negative impact on the environment as possible. With a bit [...]

This month I went to a very green hen party. It was a really exciting weekend, with all the spice of other hen parties I’ve been invited to – but the hens I met at this particular girly gathering were distinctly free range – and the weekend was more fun than any other hen gathering [...]

Pete’s Dragon download Billy Jack movies I’ve seen some hen parties that really clock up the carbon and waste – whole crowds of women flying off to Prague for the weekend brandishing plastic wands, or staying in Britain but consuming vast quantities of imported alcohol in heated beer gardens, before binning their fairy wings and [...]