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Forget for a while about the oh-so-cold and oh-so-silent situations between me and my step mom. Let’s talk about the progress of the invites. Here’s just one part from our wedding invites: Cherish move Gulliver's Travels video I’m just a beginner in dealing with Photoshop, but lately I can see a pretty nice progress from [...]

Mr. H and I haven’t discussed anything again with my parents yet since our previous meeting, but I’m, once more, relieved that we have reached to another new progress in deciding a few things. Wedding outfits—let’s fight again Apparently Mr. H, as I do, doesn’t really agree with most of my stepmom’s ‘conventional’ ideas in [...]

Invites and wedding maps

.!. In a bid to reduce the amount of resources consumed for our wedding, I’ve been busy making an invitation website, rather than traditional invites. The website will include details about the day, information on local accommodation, and an online form for people to RSVP. I also wanted to provide a map of key locations [...]