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“How generous!” you’re thinking. Or maybe, more realistically, you’re going down your mental list trying to work out which wedding TV concept remains to be pounced upon (gipsy weddings – done, grooms planning weddings – done, surplus guests giving your wedding marks out of 10 – done, big and fat weddings – done, done, done!) [...]

If you’ve recently got married or are soon-to-be-wed, you might be interested in taking part in a brand new series on Channel 4. The information we have is somewhat cryptic.  The producers simply want to know how you will be spending the festive season.  Let them know and if you’re chosen to take part, you [...]

This is a rather unusual one. A TV company called Dragonfly is casting for a new wedding series (nothing unusual in that). But the twist is that the 2 couples involved will plan each other’s wedding. And they won’t have met before (the couples won’t have met before, not the respective brides and grooms… I [...]

The BBC needs you!

The BBC is looking for a UK-based couple who are getting married before the end of 2008 to appear in a well-established fun loving and practical prime time magazine show on BBC2. They say: The Magic of Ordinary Days dvd “We would like to find a couple who are holding a green wedding before the [...]

We haven’t picked up a copy ourselves yet but we’ve been told that the latest issues of New Consumer magazine and Eve magazine are now on the shelves – and both feature Ethical Weddings! So if you’re browsing your local newsagent’s shelves wondering what will tickle your fancy, why not give Eve or New Consumer [...]


I can’t quite believe I’m telling you this but I did an interview last week about the popularity of ethical weddings in the UK … in French! Yep, I dragged my university French out of the cupboard (hey, it was only 7 years ago!) and agreed to do an interview for Europe 1. I admit, [...]

Europe is going great guns for green weddings at the moment!  Over the last few months, we’ve had curious queries from all over Europe but particularly France and Spain (handy for me as I studied French and Spanish!), with ethical weddings featuring in publications ranging from ‘Femme Actuelle’ (a women’s magazine) to financial Spanish newspaper, [...]

The ‘official’ wedding season starts next week and already we are being deluged with demands for green grooms and ethical brides… First up, Central News in Nottingham is champing at the bit to champion ethical and green weddings in the East Midlands area and is looking for a couple from the region (Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire, [...]

Weekend of weddings…

Well, I took advantage of the Easter weekend to switch off and didn’t so much as glance computer-wards from Friday until today. Evidently, others weren’t of the same mind as when I did dare to download my emails my inbox was inundated thanks to a great green weddings piece from Reuters that appeared around the world, including on [...]

Below is a post I wrote for Newlyweds-uk.com… but I thought I would share it with you here too - your comments are always welcome!  Another week and another inbox full of questions from journalists wanting to get the lowdown on the growing interest in ethical and green weddings. One of the questions I get asked most of all [...]

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