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Thank you Google Alerts.  If it wasn’t for this handy little tool that flags up ethical and green wedding stories for me from around the globe, I wouldn’t have come across this quirky but commendable story about Peter and Andrea, an eco-conscious couple recycling cans to pay for their wedding. Peter smelts aluminium as a hobby [...]

Hello! In part 1 I shared about our last-minute preparations, so here is how the actual wedding ceremony went. Seasonal wedding flowers The church was beautiful, we found a florist who was a friend of my parents, and who was sympathetic to our green ideas. She sourced flowers and greenery as seasonally as possible, including [...]

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but my fiancee and I have been busy finishing up our wedding planning, completing our back porch (before it snows) and I’ve also been busy launching a new website (online software for wedding planners called My Wedding Workbook Pro), but I wanted to share a “well, [...]

download Schindler’s List We get lots of emails at Ethical Weddings from brides and grooms trying to plan a more ethical and green wedding – so we thought it was about time we started to share them with you – especially as you might be able to help us answer them! So today, we’re Stateside [...]

Get crafty

.!. One of our Ethical Weddings designers is this week (2-7 October) taking part in Origin, the London Craft Fair, organised and selected by the Crafts Council Warriors of Terra full movie , at Somerset House. Ruth Singer Hookers Inc. release will be showing new limited edition and one-off work in eco, vintage and recycled [...]

So the hot weather continues but not for much longer perhaps? The lightning show has begun…where is the rain? It’s been a few days since my last post so I thought I would do a quick update of Ethical Weddings events. At the weekend we went to Bristol where I met with a journalist for [...]