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Hello to everyone on Ethical Weddings, I hope our musings on this blog will be useful to you in some way! Parasomnia psp There are just three months to go before our wedding, and it’s all getting a bit crazy! We’ve reached the panicking-emails-from-parents stage, whilst having to deal with house moves and job hunting, [...]

World gone wedding mad?

Has your world gone wedding mad? Maybe it’s time to TAWC about it! TAWC – The Authentic Wedding Connection – is back in Brighton next Thursday 23 October at 7.30pm. It’s a chance for you to meet up with other soon-to-be-weds and newlyweds to swap ideas and advice, both practical and emotional, clear your head, [...]

After welcoming Ecoescape’s Laura to blog with us about her eco wedding plans last week, we are excited to introduce Diar, who is planning her 2009 wedding in Pontianak, Indonesia. Terms of Endearment on dvd Diar is already struggling to get family and friends to understand her desire for a simpler celebration and this is [...]

This post, we are pleased to introduce Jan Harney, green vicar extraordinaire, who shares with us her thoughts on ethical weddings, and The Church of England’s move greenwards… “The earth is an incredibly beautiful place. It was created with a perfect balance as a place for people, animals and plants to live, with all our [...]