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On to one of our favourite fair trade topics – the wedding cake. With the Fairtrade mark stamping more ingredients than ever before, you can have (forgive us) your ethical cake and eat it too. In fact, it has come a long way since 2007 when we could only find two sources of Fairtrade wedding [...]

As we approach the end of the year, we thought it would be a good time to flick back through the books we’ve had by our bedside for the last 12 months and pick out a few gems for those of you planning an ethical and green wedding in 2012. Here goes… 1. No more [...]

In honour of National Cupcake Week 2011 (thanks Twitter for making me aware of this scrumptious occasion!) we’ve had a sift through our archives and found this well matured post on cupcakes that we originally wrote for Wishpot back in 2009. We’ve tested (though disappointingly not tasted) the links and all seems to be in [...]

In honour of Fairtrade Fortnight, we invite you to (virtually) tuck in to Jenny and Phil’s yummy fair trade wedding cake. They made it with their own fair hands from Fairtrade, organic and local ingredients. Read the full story of Jenny and Phil’s ethical wedding. What next? Talk to other brides and grooms in the [...]

I just felt I had to give a little, no a great big shout out to TOCCC today (that’s The Organic Chocolate Cake Company to the uninitiated). Somehow they knew, don’t ask me how they just did (just like my husband does!), that the way to an ethical wedding planning type of girl’s heart is [...]

Cakes continue

My three ethical wedding cakes are now coming on fast. The carrot cake (recipe posted here back in the autumn) is finished. My chocolate cake, after several draft versions, will be made next week! The recipe for that was posted here back in the autumn too.  Hot Fuzz move I have also now made the [...]

I know we vegans sometimes get a bad rep for being preachy or self-righteous. But I’ve always followed more of the “you catch more flies with honey” school of thought. Or in this case “more flies with plant-derived agave nectar” I suppose. So my biggest hope with our vegan wedding catering was that we’d maybe [...]

Cake Conundrum

My jaw nearly hit the floor when we saw the price of wedding cakes in the shops. Phil and I quickly decided that we would make our own – not just cheaper, but much easier to make sure the ingredients are ethically sourced… and most importantly of all, it gives us an excuse for lots [...]

Two ways to a woman’s heart… and we’ve got them both at Ethical Weddings! First up, the stylish but ethical vegan shoe company, Beyond Skin, which boasts Natalie Portman and Chrissie Hynde as fans, will be joining the Ethical Weddings directory when it launches later this year. An exhibitor at the recent Crafts Council ‘Well-Fashioned: [...]