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UPDATE We have extended this competition until this Sunday 13 March. Send in your answers now! The friendly folk at Classic FM have been doing a spot of research recently and found that nearly 80% of the women surveyed would choose classical music over pop on their big day – whether for a church or [...]

I admit it, I like the traditional wedding ceremony. There’s something about saying those words of love and commitment that have been spoken through the ages (ok, have not fact checked this – please don’t burst my bubble!) that sends a (pleasurable) shiver down my spine. But if you’re nervous, speaking words that aren’t your [...]

Hello! In part 1 I shared about our last-minute preparations, so here is how the actual wedding ceremony went. Seasonal wedding flowers The church was beautiful, we found a florist who was a friend of my parents, and who was sympathetic to our green ideas. She sourced flowers and greenery as seasonally as possible, including [...]

[Part 1 is here] After I got in the mosque, I wasn’t allowed to sit next to the groom. Again, as we were not ‘official’ yet. So I sat behind my father and the Officer of Marriage Registration Office, next to my older brother. In Islam, we are not allowed to sit in chairs inside [...]

After a week of craziness at home, the D day eventually came. Sunday, July 19, 2009 would be in my heart, always (and no, it isn’t April). It is a common thing in my city, Pontianak, to have the groom came to the ceremony site right from his family residence. He actually only rented three [...]

Today, we are delighted to welcome Tim Maguire, Authorised Celebrant with the Humanist Society of Scotland, to tell us a bit about Humanist Weddings – why you might choose one and how to go about organising one. where the heart is online download We’ll leave you in Tim’s capable hands… Since Humanist Weddings became legal [...]

What’s in a name? Quite a lot it would seem. The debate in the Ethical Weddings forum on taking your other half’s name is hotting up. Does it make you a closer couple to share the same name? Do you lose your independence when you give up your original surname? Or does it make no [...]

Months ago, my parents have agreed to grant my wish to hold the wedding ceremony at the mosque next to their house. But then they changed their minds just recently. If I didn’t mention anything about the ceremony site last night, I’m sure they wouldn’t tell me their ‘secret plan’ in person in the first [...]

Enough time has passed that I can now talk about wedding venues without that dull, throbbing ache appearing somewhere around my temples. Having only recently moved back to the UK after an 8 year hiatus in Australia, and living many miles from my family home, there was no beautiful building I was just dying to [...]

As promised, here is the interview with Belinda Chapman of Light on Life – cross-posted from City Hippy: Celebrant Belinda Chapman of Light on Life works from Arka Eco-Funerals in Brighton and from nearby Lewes. She got in touch to see how Light on Life might be able to work with Ethical Weddings and I [...]