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We’re back! We had a lovely 2 weeks in Italy – including a pretty amazing wedding in the Tuscan hills – but are now delighted to be once more in the cooler climes of the UK, reconnecting with our keyboards (honest!). We definitely felt the pinch of the weak pound while we were away though [...]

We’ve had a rather interesting press request from The Press Association about weddings on an extreme budget… download Striking Range I’m intrigued to know if any of you fit the bill – cos I’ll then want to pick your brains to find out how you did it! They’re looking for women aged between 20 to [...]

…seems to be the view of The Times of India: “The accepted view is to look at any amount of money spent on a wedding as a waste. But this view ignores facts. Weddings in certain communities in India have always been ostentatious affairs. Now, with the economy growing at almost 9 per cent a [...]