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Kate Marillat interviews eco-friendly wedding planner, Clarisse of La Vie Est Un Voyage for her thoughts on putting together green winter nuptials: 1. What do you love about winter weddings? I love the natural colour scheme of the season: white, cream, gold,  or white, silver, icy blue. It looks enchanting and quite magical. Photos with [...]

Kate Marillat interviews wedding planner, Marine Kerivel-Brown of Boutique Wedding for her insider tips on planning a green winter celebration: 1. What do you love about winter weddings? Winter weddings are often fantastically cosy and warm, with more emphasis placed on guests and making sure they have a wonderful experience. They often require a little [...]

It’s great to see green going mainstream on the other side of the pond. Smother trailer Green blogger, Josh Dorfman, otherwise known as The Lazy Environmentalist, now has a regular Tuesday evening slot on The Sundance Channel helping people from all walks of life to green-up in the easiest (or laziest) way possible! The Heroes [...]

Green wedding guides

Somewhere in the middle of this decade (2005/2006) there was a sea change in the world of weddings. Couples on both sides of the Atlantic – my husband and I included – decided it was time to plan a wedding that gave something back. Why then? Perhaps the evidence of climate change had started to [...]

I do love the new leaf potential of the new year. And I mean that quite literally – a new writing pad, a new diary, a new address book; it’s the best of back to school: all that sparkling stationery but no ill-fitting uniforms. Starting the year with a wedding to plan offers even more [...]

Doom move Following hot on the vegan kitten heels of ‘The Green Guide for Weddings The Moving Finger divx ‘, I was chuffed to receive an advance copy of ‘The Green Bride Guide‘, now available from all good bookstores. Where ‘The Green Guide for Weddings’ is written from a UK angle, ‘The Green Bride Guide’ [...]

If you’re already signed up to our Ethical Weddings Newsletter you can ignore this post but if not, read on… Our March newsletter finally made it out of our inbox on Monday with the latest on what we’ve been up to and exciting forthcoming events. For all those in the midst of wedding chaos, our special [...]

Following hard on the heels of my post about searching for a simpler wedding, I came across these two tales of wedding excess. Business Standard reports on the growth of designer weddings in Punjab where the average wedding lasts between 3 and 7 days and where budget is not a constraint for most, according to [...]

As soon as you’ve set a date for that long walk up the aisle, time seems to fly with venue reservations, honeymoon plans, dress fittings, sampling the wedding breakfast, and of course, keeping everyone happy. Sometimes it seems there’s barely time to think at all, let alone think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing [...]

Phew it is hot! I managed to haul myself away from the beach today to head up to the big smoke (and it definitely is right now) and meet up with Ruth Culver, wedding coordinator extraordinaire of Green Weddings fame. Over a rice muffin and fresh juice at the yummy Neal’s Yard Salad Bar in [...]