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I don’t do rings – or so I thought. I’m prone to losing things, and I’m just not into sparkly, shiny jewellery. I like things that are quirky, unique, that tell a story. I like the idea of something simpler, more natural, but still reflecting the powerful and personal meaning of a wedding ring. Wooden [...]

So, rings. This is the big one. This is one area that has seen huge changes since 2007. In fact, in 2007 wedding and engagement rings merited only a 2 or 3 line mention as part of our Accessories post. Now they have a post all of their own – thanks to Tara who has [...]

So, this is our last ‘Rings’ post before we step it up a gear for Fairtrade Fortnight (25 February – 10 March) from Monday and – if all goes to plan – pop out a post a day on Fair Trade Weddings. Tara has turned the world of wedding rings on its head with some wonderful ways [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m always ambivalent about saying that – the consumerism! – but then I think, it is what you want it to be, and for me (as I’ve said on innumerable occasions) it’s a moment to pause, think, yes, I do really love you, say it to the relevant person and then enjoy [...]

The significance of the wedding ring or band, as with most ritual objects, has changed over the course of history. For centuries rings have been a symbol of marital union but the finer implications associated with the exchange and wearing of a wedding or engagement ring have altered as women’s status,  social dictates and the [...]

To get down and dirty with diamond dealings, we took to the streets. OK, more like flexed our ring fingers and requested the latest information on the ethical diamond, gold and precious stones trade straight to our inboxes. After many years of bloodshed financed by diamonds in developing countries, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) [...]

“Vintage diamonds have a soul to them, a history, a story to tell. “Anything old has that great feel—an old pair of jeans, an old jacket, it has already been alive and stood the test of time. A new diamond looks so squeaky clean. In art, if you take a perfectly straight line, it’s not [...]

From Frodo’s quest to Mount Doom, the interlinking 5 of the Olympics, Beyonce’s catchy tune and finally the important one on the fourth finger, we are a culture obsessed with rings. In the USA, the engagement and wedding jewellery market is worth over $11 billion annually and in the UK, men are ‘expected’ to spend [...]

It’s been a disgracefully long time since we last posted so we thought we’d come back with a bang and tell you about the great things that are happening with gold. Over a year has gone by since Fairtrade and Fairmined gold was launched so we wanted to dig around a little (excuse the…) and [...]

Sadly, fine jewellery designer, Leblas is closing down this Saturday 2 July. All stock must go so for 30% off engagement and wedding rings, head to 149 Sloane Street, London (the website is no longer online). Find out more about Leblas Katie

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