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I admit it, I like the traditional wedding ceremony. There’s something about saying those words of love and commitment that have been spoken through the ages (ok, have not fact checked this – please don’t burst my bubble!) that sends a (pleasurable) shiver down my spine. But if you’re nervous, speaking words that aren’t your [...]

Getting married is definitely starting to feel real now! Over the last week we’ve been home to visit our church, hear our banns being read out and finalise the details of the ceremony with them, have attended our final marriage preparation session, and bought our wedding rings. We found it exciting to sit in church [...]

The personal touch

I love going to weddings (as you might imagine!) so I was really excited to be going to the wedding of an old school friend last weekend – especially as all my other school friends were coming along too! We had a fantastic time (and the fabulous weather didn’t go amiss after so much rain [...]

Writing vows for a wedding ceremony turns out to be a very creative business.  A few quick google searches bring up lots of ideas for readings, blessings, funny quips and solemn sayings.  Try searching ‘wedding readings’ or ‘wedding ceremony ideas’ if you want to see for yourself!  Phil and I want our ceremony to follow [...]