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If you’ve recently got married or are soon-to-be-wed, you might be interested in taking part in a brand new series on Channel 4. The information we have is somewhat cryptic.  The producers simply want to know how you will be spending the festive season.  Let them know and if you’re chosen to take part, you [...]

So this is the last part of the series of my wedding story and a good-bye. I’ve had so much fun (and lessons) from Ethical Weddings blog Since my parents did not give their permission, we could not have an ‘unconventional’ reception. We just followed the unwritten rule: my husband and I and our parents [...]

Our wedding!

.!. Well, it’s now been about 6 weeks since our wedding. I’ve been meaning to write for ages, and think I may have been putting it off as it is another chapter closed. No wedding wellies What can I say?  It was fantastic!  We were charmed by the weather and I think it would have [...]

.!. About 4 months to go and I got a motorcycle accident one evening, a few days ago. So long now to beautiful chin and leg (although I wear hijab/headscarf as a Moslem woman, so bruises on my foot are no big deal). Poor thing, I know. Even so, I’m so much grateful that the [...]

Lock the month

I’ve revealed the slow progress we came up with beforehand. Now it’s relieving for me that we have the month fixed (and we’re still rummaging around for the date). It’s kind of funny how it was pretty much convoluted earlier to talk about the ‘when’ with my family, in particular my father and my older [...]

Enough time has passed that I can now talk about wedding venues without that dull, throbbing ache appearing somewhere around my temples. Having only recently moved back to the UK after an 8 year hiatus in Australia, and living many miles from my family home, there was no beautiful building I was just dying to [...]

One Part for the Officiant

Not long ago, my long-time-no-see friend from university got hitched, and to my surprise, she invited me (and some other friends) to her wedding ceremony (not only to her reception). I was pretty thrilled, as I’m planning a wedding myself, I feel that I need to ‘survey’ many other weddings as well. You know, to [...]

When Parents Cringe

As I’ve told you, my family (especially my dad and my stepmom, the ones in my family that I have talked about this eco-wedding plan with so far) doesn’t take the ethical wedding idea earnestly.So at first, I expressed to them how my husband-to-be and I sought after a very simple wedding. I kept emphasizing [...]

Following the carrot cake recipe last week, here’s the recipe for Fairtrade chocolate cake. It’s quite rich because of the chocolate but we have found it isn’t too heavy because of the meringue folded into it. It freezes well (I know because I made several for a Fairtrade Feast we held last year) so again [...]

As I am boldly (or stupidly) attempting to make my own ethical wedding cakes, a couple of people have asked me to put the recipes on the blog.  So here is my tested recipe for carrot cake.  The chocolate cake and fruit cake recipes will follow when I have made sure they work!    I’ve [...]

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