Ethical Weddings pick of the week: The Everything Green Wedding Book

On Wednesday Wenona Napolitano, author of ‘Wood you? A look at wooden wedding rings‘ and ‘Totally vintageous – search for an eco chic wedding gown‘ released her wonderful new resource for green brides, The Everything Green Wedding Book: Plan an elegant, earth-friendly wedding

A trained bridal consultant and floral designer, Wenona has gone for the green life wholesale – she and her husband even run a green cleaning business! The Everything Green Wedding Book focuses on easy and affordable ways to turn your wedding a stylish shade of green.

Wenona says:”I am committed to doing my part to save the earth.  Some may think it is frivolous to do it through wedding planning but with an average of 2.5 million weddings every year (just in the US) that have millions of guests in attendance (on average 150 per wedding), what better way to get the ‘green’ word out there. I hope to change the world even if it is ‘one vow at a time’.

Top 10 reasons for choosing a green wedding

Before you pick up your copy, here are Wenona’s top 10 reasons for choosing a more sustainable celebration…

1. Your big day can have a big impact on the environment; an eco-friendly green wedding can reduce that damaging footprint.

2. For those of you who are already living a green lifestyle it is natural to plan a wedding that expresses your personal beliefs.

3. You want to share your eco-friendly beliefs with your family and friends.

4. You can make a statement and raise awareness about environmental issues by having a fabulously green celebration.

5. You want everyone to know that you love the planet and you are willing to do your part to protect it, plus you’ve been dying to check out that organic gourmet caterer you’ve heard so much about.

6. Having a green wedding is a great way to support charitable causes.

7. Enviro-conscious weddings support retailers and providers of organicsustainable, and recycled products and services.

8. You love shopping at thrift stores, yard sales, and consignment shops and a green wedding gives you the perfect opportunity to go treasure hunting.

9. You want to showcase your creative side by having a green theme wedding; naturally green, recycled retro, or vintage glamour…take your pick, you are only as limited as your imagination.

10. From simply green to eco-extravagant you can show everyone that you can have the wedding of your dreams while being green.

The Everything Green Wedding Book: Plan an elegant, affordable, earth-friendly wedding
By Wenona Napolitano

ISBN: 978-159 8698114

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