Fairtrade shirts for grooms

This month we’ve been inspired by one of the coolest ethical and fair trade brands in men’s bridal fashion.

Our favourite shirt maker, Arthur and Henry, produces beautiful fair trade shirts in organic cotton. We wanted to find out more about them so we collared (sorry) company owner (also “chief herder of geeks and boffins”), Clare Lissaman for more info on this rather exciting company.

Arthur & Henry fair trade shirts for men

What are men’s top choices when they come into Arthur and Henry?

The classics: white herringbone and blue herringbone.  But we’ve also seen that men like little bits of design interest – our pink stripe with floral cuffs and collar has been flying off the shelves too.

Pink stripe floral cuffs shirt from Arthur and Henry

Have you seen an uptake in grooms coming in and wanting something organic for their wedding day?

As we’re an online business we don’t always know what people are buying our shirts for, but yes, we have had an increase in email enquiries from people wanting ethical choices for their wedding and excited to have found us.

One of our grooms, Matt Wilkinson told us this recently: “It meant a great deal to me to get married in a Fairtrade shirt. I didn’t expect to find one that fitted and was smart enough, but I was determined to look nonetheless.

I came across the Arthur and Henry website and immediately ordered two shirts to make sure I had the right size. I didn’t even consult my bride to be!

The shirt is stylish, very well made and looked just right with my suit. Fairtrade means that farmers get a fair price for their crop, which is only right. I was glad to support this idea on such a special occasion.

Groom wearing Arthur and Henry Fairtrade shirt

What inspired you to start Arthur and Henry?

I was at the World Congress on Organic Cotton, full of people passionate about organic farming and textiles.  Someone asked who was actually wearing organic cotton and while most of the women were, most of the men weren’t. They were mainly suited and booted and said that they just couldn’t get smart shirts in organic cotton.

So we decided to make some.

(Makes it sound so simple doesn’t it?  In reality it was a bit of a journey but we got there and are so proud to be the first company doing a full collection of proper shirts for men for work and play in organic cotton).

What does ethical clothing mean to you?

Maximising positive impact on planet and people and minimising the negative. Also, quality clothing that wears well and lasts rather than disposable clothing.

Why should a groom consider Arthur and Henry for his wedding day?

A groom deserves to feel and look his very best on his wedding day.  Our shirts are good shirts.  They are well made. (We don’t like to boast but we’ve received compliments on the make from a Savile Row bespoke tailor.)  And they’re also good for the planet and for the people who’ve made them. Which will make him feel even better on his wedding day.

We can’t promise they’ll take away the pre-wedding nerves. But we can say they’ll see him through the ceremony and the celebration with aplomb.

Arthur and Henry are already making an impact in the ethical fashion world and this is what groom Alex Dodds had to say on why he chose an Arthur and Henry shirt for his wedding:

“I guess the main reason why I was so keen to buy an Arthur and Henry shirt is your and my ethical stance. I buy Fairtrade and organic clothing and food as often as possible anyway, it only felt right to make sure everything involved with my wedding was as humanely and environmentally friendly as possible.

“Even if it means spending a bit more time and money searching out manufacturers like yourselves who care about the products you sell, and more importantly about the lives of the people who actually make those products. I really believe voting with your wallet and being careful who you give your money to can really help to make a difference in the world.

We couldn’t agree with you more Alex!

Our thanks to  Clare and the Arthur and Henry team.

Green grooms please get in touch to let us know what you think and if you know of any other innovative, ethical fashion companies catering to your tastes.



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