Halloween Wedding Ideas for the Ultimate Spooky Day

”Till Death do us Part” takes on a whole new meaning when organising your wedding day near the spooky season of Halloween.

From the obvious spooky decorations and wedding dresses, an all hallows eve wedding day is the most popular choice for a themed wedding.

So let’s dive into how we can make your day a spooktacular celebration!

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Before we dive into picking your wedding dress, we need to ensure that your guests get wedding invitations! Here are my favourite Save the Date Cards for your day.

This stunning matte black invitation has all the elegance an STD card deserves but with that touch of spookiness! 

I love the play on the Tarot Card, and it will definitely be an invitation your guests will remember receiving.

If you want to save some money, then buying a digital design could be the way to go. 

You pay a one off fee with this design, which comes in 2 paper sizes, and then you can print them on any card, paper, or etch into the wood if you have a cricut machine you want!

This is a great idea if you haven’t finalised the guest list, as you can just print another if you’ve forgotten someone or if you don’t want to overbuy physical copies.

Wedding Venue

When thinking about a spooky wedding venue, there are quite a few options! 

You could get married in a gothic castle, but what about a haunted hotel or even a graveyard? 

Below I’ve listed some of the most popular places to have your wedding day.

This has to be one of the most specialist hotels I’ve ever had the pleasure of dining at! Honestly, it is absolutely stunning.

Situated in Edinburgh’s Old Town, right next to Edinburgh Castle, The Witchery would be a flawless, elegant backdrop for your wedding photos. Your wedding guests will be floored when they walk through the cute door.

Why not go and spend the weekend in the hotel, try the food and have a good look at the place to see if it’s the correct place to host your wedding reception?

This magnificent 12th-century hotel lies within easy access of the A1 and A68.

Surrounded by 12 acres of lawns and woodlands, the Walworth offers all the peace and quiet that comes when having a wedding in the countryside.

The castle has a perfect combination of old and new, making this hotel perfect for rural relaxation.

They offer 4 poster beds in the tower suites with jacuzzi bathtubs, an award-winning restaurant and a farmers bar. 

They state that they will do everything they can to make your wedding day special and perfect.

You can spend the weekend here too! You should have fun when looking for your wedding venue as it can all get a little stressful!


When thinking of a dress code for your wedding day, you could keep it simple and ask them to match your colour scheme. But you could also do fancy dress! Imagine everyone turning up in their Best Tim Burton characters. The kids attending would love it!

The Wedding Dress

You may want to wear the traditional white dress, or perhaps you want to go full gothic and possibly wear a red or black wedding dress.  

You don’t have to wear a White wedding dress at all! It’s your day, and if you feel more comfortable wearing black, you wear black! Channel your inner Morticia Addams.

Why not also think of a Vintage Wedding Dress? Ask your Grandmother if you could wear hers. She might have this wonderful Victoriana Dress stashed in the loft.

The ethereal wedding gown features a separate sleeveless top and dramatic volumetric tulle skirt with a long train. The lace appliquéd bodice gives an almost bare look, as it closes at the neckline that is hidden under illusion mesh netting decorated by hand-sewn floral patterned embroidery going up to shoulders.

It also has a silver-grey satin underskirt beneath a blue-grey middle layer; black layered skirts have folds along edges which give them their multicoloured effect-the lavender/flavour may vary depending on your screen colour settings! This beautiful style comes complete when you add on its matching invisible zipper belt.

You will look drop-dead gorgeous in your gothic wedding dress walking down the aisle at your wedding ceremony. 

A bride’s dream dress for a fantasy wedding! This elven fairy witch ensemble consists of an overbust corset and long chiffon skirt with train.

The perfect white ethereal fabric feels light as air, but the brocade beneath is durable. A modesty panel prevents damage from occurring behind those lacing back straps – it has been designed this way specifically because some brides might have sensitive skin that gets irritated by fabrics rubbing against their bodies while they wear dresses like these at events all day long.

Bridesmaid Dresses

A deep red or purple dress for your bridal party could look exquisite next to you in your black dress, or if you wanted to wear white, why not opt for a black dress for them? 

The Oxblood dress: the perfect blend of form and function for your wedding.

With an elegant Bardot neckline that’ll complete any bridesmaid look, this mid-weight design effortlessly transitions from ceremony to dancefloor with its sheer lace insert, and exclusive eyelash-lace trims—perfectly tailored with a zip back fastening.

This dress is on sale! Grab it now while it is at a ridiculously low price!

Elegant and understated, this halter dress is perfect for a sophisticated night. With its flattering A-line shape and cascading hemline, there’s nothing not to love about this sophisticated number that elevates any look. A perfect simple dress for your bridesmaids.


When talking about flowers for your bouquet and to be scattered around your venue, think about your colour scheme.

Red and Black roses are an instant go-to. But think about other Halloween colours such as purple and orange, perhaps even white.

You can even make a pumpkin vase:

Step 1: Cut a hole in the top of your pumpkin

Step 2: Scoop out the innards, replace them with wet floral foam

Step 3: Add your blooms and foliage

When speaking to your florist, they will advise you to opt for flowers that are in season. 

Here are the top Autumn blooms

  • Dahlia
  • Celosia
  • Chinese lantern
  • Aster
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Anemones
  • Ornamental cabbages
  • Kniphofia
  • Carthamus
  • Protea

Or you can always go for Faux or Dried Flowers?

If you are looking for a Halloween inspired bouquet, then this is definitely a contender!

I loved the little stems of pumpkins added alongside the coloured bunny tails.

Another great thing about dried flowers is that they will last for a least a year after your wedding day. It is a pity that real blooms die, as you can’t look at them for a while.

If you didn’t want something so obviously Halloween and just wanted to take the colours from the holiday, then this bouquet is perfect!

This company also takes requests. Their listing has a story where they worked with a bride who wanted to add a little blood splatter to her blooms!

Wedding Cake

Why would you want a white traditional wedding cake when you can have something extravagant and bold? You are having a Halloween Themed day, after all! 

These cakes are absolutely stunning! Usually, they are made using fondant icing, which looks amazing and tastes delicious too!

You could use characters from your favourite horror movies to inspire your cake.

Take a look at these from Pinterest

Halloween Decorations

A Halloween-Themed Wedding would not be complete without a few spooky decorations.

Wedding Centerpieces

Table Centerpieces are vital to your decor. Everyone is going to be eating and drinking and facing the centre of the table. You need to have something exquisite for them to be astonished at. 

Use Mini pumpkins up and down the table; put them everywhere! You don’t just have to use the traditional orange pumpkins. Think about white pumpkins or handcrafted pumpkins! 

These personalised pumpkins are a great idea for name place tags. Use a layering system of Plate, Side plate, napkin and pop the Mini pumpkin on the top! So cute!

For wedding favours, you could hollow out a couple of old books and pop inside some sweets for a more vintage, Victoriana theme. Or use mini cauldrons for a more Halloween vibe.

This Cast Iron Cauldron won’t look tacky on the table. Where perhaps a plastic one might. 

As this one comes with a lid, you might be able to use dry ice inside so that when your guests open up the lid, they get more than just sweets.

For even more Halloween, you could use fake blood. Use it as blood splashes on your centre flowers or the vase.

This vase has been upcycled to make them look more authentic. This is definitely going to catch your guests’ eye! I’d fill this with a bunch of black and red flowers.

Another necessity for your wedding table is candles. You need candles for that ultra gothic mood. You can use Pillar candles all along with the table, nestled in with the foliage and pumpkins, but a candelabra is the most Halloween-y thing to have! But they can take up a lot of room on the table, which is why I’d opt for these.

The simple elegance of this set will make your candles look stunning. Narrow in size means that they aren’t going to take over the tablespace.


Is it OK to get married on Halloween?

If you’re thinking about a non-traditional wedding, then Halloween is the perfect day! It’s already an out of this world event for weddings, but it also allows people and creativity they might not usually see.

Is it cheaper to get married on Halloween?

Your wedding being on Halloween won’t necessarily drive up the price.

Some venues that host annual Halloween parties may require you to do a full buy-out of their space in order for them to be able to offer such special attention.


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