How to Plan a Perfect Hen Party from Start to Finish

It’s common knowledge that we women are social creatures. We love to get together and chat about everything and anything under the sun. Or simply celebrate over a good meal or a glass of wine…

But what happens when one of your girlfriends gets married? Suddenly it feels like you’re losing not just one friend but two because now she has her husband too! The best way to deal with this is by throwing them a Hen party!

A Hen party is a fantastic opportunity for you and all her other single girlfriends to come together and have fun before she starts settling down. Here are some tips on how to plan the perfect hen party from start to finish so that your bride-to-be will never forget these last days before tying the knot!

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What is a Hen Party?

hen weekends

A hen party is an important event for the bridal party and can last several hours. This is the perfect time to have some adult-only fun with your girlfriends before she becomes a wife! Here are some tips on how to plan the perfect Hen party from start to finish so that your bride-to-be will never forget these last days before tying the knot.

A hen party can be as straightforward or as extravagant as you want it to be, but typically the group will have some sort of activity. Some games are suitable for team building, while others can be silly and just about having fun! You can also invite some male friends if you need additional help with the games. After all, this event needs to be memorable for your guests too!

Hen Weekends

Many Brides are opting for Weekend long events. By spreading the event over the whole weekend, partygoers can try more; perhaps everyone wants to visit a new place in the area or for the activity planned, they may have to travel.

Multiple days allow for more fun and excitement!

Everyone at your place!

If you’re not into going out, invite everyone over for a lovely night in! Rent a DVD and have some tasty snacks so the girls can eat as they enjoy their movie. If you want a unique way to watch a film, ask someone to make a playlist of funny clips from movies so that the group can choose what to watch.

Think of this Idea as that old traditional slumber party. This idea is excellent for an introverted bride.

Find a great rental for the weekend where you can all stay together. Perhaps this is a house in the city or a cabin in the woods. If opting for the cabin, think about hiking and gathering around the fire pit, drinking and telling stories.

Or try out the local amenities. Such as the restaurants. Just have a very girly weekend away together to celebrate.

If you live in a major city centre, there are plenty of fun activities to do when the girls get together. The group can go for a morning workout followed by some shopping, then a messy night out, venturing to a club and hitting the dance floor.

If you want even more options, try asking someone to research for nearby entertainment.

Extravagant Night Out!

A night out is the perfect way for everyone to let loose and have some fun! The group will start with dinner together, then head out to a bar or club for some drinks. If you want an even more exciting time, arrange transportation by asking friends if their husbands would be willing to drive so that the women can drink!

You’ll need a day to recover from this option!


As you start party planning, try to keep the budget in mind. Your friend might be getting married, but there is no need to break the bank for this occasion. Take a poll among her bridesmaids before you plan anything to see how much they are willing to spend and keep their ideas in mind as you plan the party.

You can also offer to host the event at your place. You don’t have to worry about paying for drinks or food because it will all be out of your own pocket! Or, if you want to play it safe, choose a venue with affordable options, such as an amusement park or the movies.

Planning a hen party is tons of fun since you get to pick all the activities and think about the bride’s special night! Just remember this, it is not an opportunity to get everyone drunk. This night should be great for everyone involved, so plan accordingly! Good luck!

Hen Party Games

The most popular party activity at Hen parties is typically fun games. Some games can be very competitive, where you need to work with others to win, while others are just for fun. The best part about the game is that not only will it give everyone a chance to release some pent-up energy, but you will also create some memories that were shared together.

Be sure to pick some games that will help you get to know your friends better! – Keep them engaged. The more activities, food, and music you have, the better time everyone will be having! Just drinks and bites might not be the best option.

This is a very popular Hen party game that takes the drinking game of classic beer pong to a more classy affair, and here’s how it works:

  • Everyone gets in a circle and takes turns bouncing a ping-pong ball into plastic prosecco glasses.
  • The cup that lands the ball has to drink! Be sure everyone understands the rules before you start playing, or else there could be some confusion.
  • Be sure all guests are 18 or older before playing any drinking games.

This is a great way to find out how well your friends know each other.

You can buy quiz pads for this game, or you could just ask the questions on slips of paper and have someone like the bride-to-be answer them.

Be sure to make up unique questions and not ones that everyone will think of (like, “What colour is her hair?”).

This is a classic game, and it is always a ton of fun! The point of this game is to see how similar – or different- your friends are from one another.

One person starts the quiz by asking, “Would she rather…?” and then fills in the blanks with two options.

Then it’s the next person’s turn to answer and so on until everyone has had a chance.

The funniest answers are usually saved for last.

Food & Drinks

Of course, you can’t have a Hen party without some good food and drinks. The best part about this is that it is a perfect opportunity to have some healthy options, without sabotaging the fun atmosphere of the party!

Since you’re going to be drinking all night anyway, why not serve a beautiful cocktail for when everyone arrives?

Pure House has a great Peach Sangria Recipe that will be great for the Hen Party.

What should I do before the party?

Before you start planning your party, there are some things that you may need to do beforehand to make it extra special. Here are some helpful tips on what you should do before your big day.

  • If you’re going for a wild and crazy time, you should definitely get some naughty outfits that the group can wear! You’ll all have matching tee’s that will make your guests laugh and leave everyone with lasting memories.

  • If you’re planning on spending the night out and about, then dress accordingly! You don’t want to wear that fantastic outfit for the night out before going to Go Ape.

  • If you are planning on staying in, then make sure to get supplies! It’s always good to have some snacks, drinks and of course the Hen games! Make sure everyone brings their favourite bottle or beverages.

Finding a venue

Choosing a venue for the hen night depends on the style of party that you want. If you want a more formal event, your best option would be a chic hotel or restaurant. If you want a more casual get-together, any house or backyard will do.

Ask your bride if they want something simple or luxurious. This is the best step if you are struggling between ideas.

Also, think about the budget for finding a venue. If you have a fancy restaurant, you might have to forgo the daytime activity, or if you have a backyard party, perhaps you can spend more on the decorations and get catering in.

Party Decorations!

Once you’ve got a venue, it’s time to start decorating! When going with the low-key backyard option, this might just mean setting out a few decorations and turning on some lights.

For the more formal hen decorations, such as a party in a hotel space, make sure to cover every wall with streamers and balloons; hire someone to come in and set up a photo booth, or put together a bouquet for a unique centrepiece.

This Bridal Shower bundle has everything you need for your Bachelorette party decor. Balloons, Tinsel curtains, and photo props are all included.

You may think that this is a little bit trashy, but that’s the point! It’s decor that can be thrown away or ruined in your drunken splendour.

If you want to add a bit of drama, then this sign is exactly what you need.

Neon lights are trending right now, and having a balloon arch makes the perfect backdrop for all your wild hen photos.

If you are heading out on the town, having these Sashes is an excellent way for the Bride tribe to have fun in style!

One size fits all and is made of foil, so it will be hard to rip! Just make sure you pick up the bride version too.

Why not grab this Boho tent for your Boho bride? This is such a great idea if you are having a garden hen party!

Dress it with a rug on the floor, then scatter cushions and flowers, oh and some lanterns, for a cosy vibe.

Now I am obsessed with Bar Carts, and when they started introducing them to the world of weddings, I jumped on board!

Having this Bar Cart at the party is going to make life a little easier for you. Stash all the glasses on the rack. Put the champagne in the ice bucket on top and store your plates and cutlery on the other levels.

This means that you can have a fabulous food display on the table instead of a formal table setting.


Why is a hen party called a hen party?

The meaning of the term “hen party” stems from the fact that back in Middle English, ‘hen’ used to refer to any female bird or animal.

Why do we have hen dos?

The roots of the hen party tradition in the UK go back further than in the US, says American sociologist Beth Montemurro. It is more of a recent phenomenon starting in the 1970s and 1980s as an expression of sexual freedom tied to the 1960’s sexual revolution.


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