How to plan an October Wedding

Autumn weddings have a certain elegance that makes them stand out from other seasons. They’re romantic, elegant, sophisticated, and timeless. If you want to ensure that your wedding will be one of those special events in life, this article has some tips. Read on to find out how to plan your perfect autumn wedding.

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What is an Autumn Wedding?

An autumn wedding can take place at any time during the fall season. It’s a beautiful time of the year to have a wedding if you want to take your wedding color scheme from the Autumnal Leaves. You’ll be surrounded by earthy tones such as Oranges, Reds, and Browns.

The main thing about planning an autumn wedding is choosing when it should occur. You need to consider what kind of weather conditions will prevail to know whether or not you can have an outdoor wedding.

Choose Your Date Carefully

The first thing you need to do is choose the date carefully. You don’t want it to clash with any major holidays or festivals. It should also not fall during school vacations as many people won’t attend if they are busy studying. The best time would be between September and November when there’s no rain and the weather is still lovely. This way, everyone can enjoy their day without having to worry about bad weather ruining everything.

Autumn Wedding

Plan Ahead

You’ll probably want to start planning early so that you can get all the details done before the big day arrives. Make sure that you’ve got enough money saved up because you’re going to spend quite a bit of cash on decorations, food, flowers, etc. Also, try to save up at least three months’ worth of living expenses just in case anything goes wrong.

Autumnal Wedding Themes

Autumn Wedding

If you want something different than the traditional spring/summer theme, then here are some ideas:

A Romantic Rustic Theme

Choose a rustic setting such as a barn or old farmhouse where you can decorate using natural materials like wood, stone, leaves, moss, twigs, hay bales, pumpkins, gourds, dried grasses, acorns, corn stalks, wheat straws, and more. Use these items to create tablescapes, centrepieces, floral arrangements, and even room décor. Add candles, lanterns, and fireplaces to give off a warm glow.

Use seasonal fruits and vegetables to add colour to your table settings. Try apples, pears, plums, grapes, oranges, lemons, limes, cranberries, persimmons, peaches, nectarines, figs, watermelon rinds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, dates, raisins, prunes, apricots, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and more. These foods go well together since most of them share similar flavours.

They look great displayed on wooden boards or wicker baskets.

autumn wedding decorations

Rustic Vintage Theme

This type of theme works well if you’d rather keep things simple but still incorporate nature into your wedding. Choose a location that will allow you to use natural elements such as trees, plants, rocks, sand, dirt, stones, shells, driftwood, logs, vines, ferns, and other types of foliage. If possible, pick one that already has lots of greenery growing around it.

Then, make sure that you have plenty of candles, lanterns, torches, and outdoor lighting for ambience.

Try incorporating fresh herbs from local farms into your bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and flower girl dresses. Include autumn-themed colours like orange, yellow, red, brown, green, purple, grey, white, cream, tan, light pink, dark pink, lavender, sage, mustard, burgundy, maroon, navy, chocolate, gold, silver, copper, bronze, turquoise, teal, aqua, and others.

Autumnal Wedding Decor

Here are some of my favourite pieces which you need to create the perfect Autumnal Ambiance.

Artificial Wedding Arch Flowers Kit

The perfect way to create an inviting atmosphere for your whole event, these artificial wedding arches by Ling’s Moment will bring romance and elegance to any party. Whether you’re trying to impress with style or just need something classy on the cheap, these flowers are chic and timeless!

With this kit from Ling’s Moment, it won’t be a problematic task attaching stunning greenery all around the arch using our included tieback or at pom-poms of flowers that cling against sheers that give off a soft romantic glow as guests pass by. Embrace romance without forsaking quality with these delicate but sturdy faux blossoms.

Artificial Wedding Arch Flowers Kit

Chiffon Table Runner

When you are looking for a way to add extra touches of beauty and romance, it’s difficult not to daydream about this ruffled table runner.

Made from chiffon, with intricate embroidery detail that will sweep across your table as if floating on water, you’ll be the envy of all the other events amongst which you’re seated.

Use them as an over-the-top centrepiece laid beautifully on top of any wood dining surface.

Stainless Steel Candle Lanterns

JHY Design Sets the Gold Standard for Exquisite Decorative Lanterns. If you are searching for a classic lantern with style and elegance, this premium decorative exterior metal candle lantern is an ideal choice.

The opulent JHY design of wrought chrome accents in brushed rose gold creates breathtaking wedding decorations that will impress your guests on and off-site.

Use as an elegant table centrepiece or on the floor of your aisle. The glass-panelled lamp designs are brilliant for creating a romantic feel.

Create an Autumnal Table Setting with Natural Elements

Here are some suggestions for creating a beautiful table setting with natural elements:

  • Create a centrepiece out of pine cones, oak leaves, acorn caps, maple leaf clusters, apple cores, grape stems, sunflower heads, holly berries, ivy branches, mistletoe, wildflowers, and more. You could also display small pieces of fruit along with candle holders filled with votive candles.
  • Arrange large bowls full of colourful autumn-coloured nuts on each place setting. Place candies, chocolates, cookies, crackers, pretzels, popcorn, and other snacks inside mini mason jars.
  • Fill glass vases with flowers and arrange them throughout the venue. These don’t have to be fresh flowers, and you can create a beautiful display with Dried Flowers.
  • Make a rustic arrangement by placing several bunches of dried grasses, wheat straws, dried weeds, and other natural objects at the top of each plate. Then, fill glasses with coloured liquid and float floating candles among the greens.

Food And Drink Ideas For Your Rustic Fall Wedding

You can find many ideas online about what food and drink should be served during this year. Here are just a few examples:


Cider is perfect for fall weddings because it pairs nicely with all kinds of desserts. Ciders come in different varieties, including hard cider, sweet cider, dry cider, sparkling cider, and even champagne cider.


Roasted turkey breast is always popular during this season. It goes perfectly with mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and any kind of vegetable side dish.

Pork tenderloin is another delicious main course option. Serve it with roasted vegetables and a dash of applesauce.

Beef brisket is another good choice. Try serving it over rice or pasta with sautéed onions, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, and spices.


Apple Pies, cakes, cobblers, tarts, crumbles, cheesecakes, custards, bread pudding, ice creams are all great options for a simple sweet dish to end your wedding breakfast.

Add a cinnamon sprinkle to your desserts to tie all the autumnal spices together to make a cohesive meal.

Wedding Cakes

October Wedding

You’ll find that a Naked Cake is being featured in many weddings, but they are perfect for the Autumn Wedding Season. Decorate with Edible fresh flowers or seasonal fruits for that authentic rustic vibe.

Here are some beautiful Autumn Wedding Cake Ideas from Pinterest.

Wedding Dress

The most important thing when choosing a wedding gown is that you feel comfortable wearing it. If you’re not sure which size will fit best, try one on first before making a final decision. The following information may help you choose between sizes and styles.

First Measure Yourself

Take measurements around the fullest part of your body using a tape measure. Be careful not to pull too tight as this might cause discomfort later.

Measurements To Consider

Bust – from armpit to armpit

Waist – across the back where the skirt would usually sit

Hips – the widest point above hips

Length – length down the centre front of the bodice

Sleeve Length – from shoulder seam to cuff edge

Top 3 Autumn Wedding Dresses for 2021

BHLDN has a wonderful collection of Wedding Dresses designed explicitly for the Autumn Wedding Season. Check out our Favourites:

The Jenny by Jenny Yoo Zola Gown is a beautiful gown that will show off your femininity with its feminine bodice, sophisticated appliques and sheer back.
The beautiful detailing reminds me of the seasons falling autumn leaves, making this dress an excellent option if you want your dress to represent the nature around you.
The bias-cut satin skirt makes it feel passionate and unique – perfect for any woman searching for beautiful something romantic.

When you’re looking for that perfect gown, look no further. This masterpiece from the Watters collection is made from delicate mesh and lace with beautiful off-the-shoulder sleeves and a chic shirred bodice.

Welcoming in the warm feelings of an evening wedding due to the ivory tone, this playful gown with delicate lace detail is made from light and airy mesh for you to float freely and elegantly down the aisle.

This one will make his heart skip a beat!

Runaway with your prince in this Jenny Yoo Collection Cosette Bridal Gown! The cathedral-length sleeves of lace make for an elegant ceremony dress that effortlessly transitions to a chic cocktail dress with two looks in one.

This gorgeously detailed gown offers two vintage-inspired looks in one. A long-sleeve overlay in gossamer lace with pearly beadwork (including a beaded belt) makes the perfect ceremony look. Remove the overlay to reveal an open-backed champagne slip dress for dancing the night away!

The long sleeves are perfect for colder months as well– it’s got chills, and warming cocktails all rolled into one!

This unique flower crown made with artificial flowers and greenery is the perfect accessory for your wedding day. It includes two loops that fasten together at the back via a ribbon.

Bridesmaid Dresses

A Bridal Party can consist of up to 10 people, so having enough dresses for everyone is essential.

If you’re planning on getting married during autumn or winter, we recommend choosing a style that reflects the season. For example, if you plan on tying the knot in November, opt for a more muted colour palette such as black, navy blue or red. These colours work perfectly when paired with white flowers and greenery.

Jenny Yoo Ellis Velvet Open Back Dress. This gorgeous dress is fitted at the top and flares out for an elegant finish.

Fluttering sleeves create an airier look, while luxurious velvet keeps you warm on a cold evening. The open back ties with a skinny tie, making that slight hint of mystery we all love.

Fall in love with this opulent and luxurious dress. Channel your inner Meghan Markle! The sweetheart neckline is elegant, the off-the-shoulder sleeves are romantic, and the fabric will make you feel fabulous. Nobody will have seen anything quite so radiant as when you walk into whatever event you’re going to wearing it for.

The Montreal Crepe Maxi Dress is the perfect attire for your bridesmaids.

Featuring a sophisticated yet straightforward long sleeve design with a deep slit to allow natural leg movement and an elegant high neckline to enhance your silhouette. Pair with strappy heels for styling perfection!

Beautiful Bouquets & Wedding Flowers

Warmth and elegance come together beautifully in stunning bouquets. Feature-rich colours and textures that bring warmth and beauty to any Autumn occasion.

These lovely arrangements are sure to brighten anyone’s day!

Pink Roses & White Carnations

Pink roses and white carnation stems are arranged in a simple basket vase. Perfectly complementing each other, these beautiful blooms add just the right amount of colour and texture.

Red Gerberas + Orange Orchids

Red gerbera daisies and orange orchid blossoms are gathered in a clear glass cylinder vase. Their vibrant hues contrast nicely against each other, making them ideal for adding some extra sparkle to your tablescape.

Yellow Chrysanthemums + Purple Lilies

Yellow chrysanthemum petals and purple lily buds are mixed in a tall glass cylinder vase. A great way to showcase both yellow and purple tones, they also pair wonderfully with each other.

Green Asparagus + Lavender Rosemary

Green asparagus stalks and lavender rosemary sprigs are tied together in a small wicker basket. They feature similar shades of green, but their different shapes give them a unique appearance.

Blue Hyacinth + Black Tulips

When blue hyacinth bulbs and black tulip blossoms are placed side by side, you create a romantic drama. Both of these flower types share a striking shade of blue which contrasts nicely against one another.

Gold Dahlias + Silver Calla Lily

A mix of gold dahlia flowers and silver calla lily leaves creates a dramatic effect. These two contrasting elements work perfectly together, giving you plenty of options for arranging your custom arrangement.

Mixed Flowers + Peony Buds

Mixed peonies and budded peony sprays are accented with pink roses and white carnations. All three varieties of peony bloom during autumn, bringing a touch of nature to your wedding decor.

Dried Flower Bridal Bouquet

Think about using dried flowers if you want to have your bouquet around for a while after your wedding day. It’s simple to do! Check out this article from Pure House! Easy Ways to Dry Flowers at Home

Autumn Wedding Venue

You can enjoy rustic wedding décor, the crisp post-summer air, and some of the most breathtaking October wedding venues.

We have some of the most beautiful venues to show you.

Cripps Barn in Gloucestershire has over 25 years of wedding planning experience and can give you first-class service for your fall wedding. The former priory barn can accommodate up to 150 guests and has a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it ideal for couples who want their wedding to feel close and intimate despite the considerable number of guests in attendance.

Couples looking for a culinary setting should check out this organic venue. They pay a lot of attention to the foods they offer throughout the day, and they will not let you down. The beautiful barn is ideal for rustic weddings, and the venue’s walled garden is the perfect place for you and your guests to escape on a fantastic autumn evening to shoot those all-important wedding photos.


What flowers are in season in October for a Wedding?

Anemone, aster, astilbe, carnation, chocolate cosmos, dahlia, delphinium, freesia, gypsophila, hydrangea, lilies, lisianthus, orchids, ranunculus and roses are all in bloom in October.

What to wear to an Autumn Wedding?

Autumn weddings are an excellent opportunity to wear jumpsuits made of autumnal textiles. Of course, a cropped trouser fitted suit with killer boots is another alternative. If you want to wear dresses, the hem length to search for is Midi Length, either in A-line or pencil.


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