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Cute Marriage Proposals Ideas

From Simple To Extravagant Proposals

There are a million different ways to achieve the perfect proposal, from the traditional sitting down to dinner over candlelight to a message in the sky. It’s quite a daunting task because there are so many ways. I mean, there are so many options. Too many options! Do you want a big extravagant proposal, or do you want to do it quietly?
It is a lot of pressure. But ultimately, your first thought should be, ‘What would my partner want?’

Think about your partner’s nature. Are they a quiet person who keeps to themselves? Or are they loud and the life of the party. Stereotypically, a quiet person would want a proposal that is quiet, private, and intimate. Somewhere away from the crowds, that doesn’t draw too much attention.

But if your partner is extravagant, then go for full extravagance! The plan is a flash mob or something that isn’t quite too private and intimate.

How do you propose if she already knows?

Another factor in planning a proposal is the fear of them saying no.

So before you do any sort of planning whatsoever, you really should have a conversation with your other half discussing your futures. The whole ‘What and where would you like to be in 5 years’ time?’ talks.

Once you realize that you are on the same page, all the fear of them saying no will vanish. Even if they do say no, at least you won’t lose sleep thinking that they will.

So if they already know? Just do something that will create a loveable, fantastic memory. A great proposal story that will be great to tell the Grandchildren one day.

When is the best time to Propose?

Timing is everything. Don’t propose when life isn’t going so well. Such as if there has been a family tragedy, or they’ve just been fired. It won’t seem genuine. And your other half won’t fully appreciate the happiness that it will bring or whatever proposal plan you decide to go ahead with.

Now, as for the activities.

Here is a list of options that you can pick and choose from. Also, adapt any ideas to make it special for both you and your partner.

17 Romantic Proposal Ideas

Picnic Outdoor Proposal Idea

A Picnic. Probably the cheapest option but great for someone who likes the childish nuisance but is also quite private. You can make this extremely romantic by packing your picnic in a wicker basket (not a plastic cooler). Lighting some candles and bringing along some wine, with complimentary food like cheese and strawberries. Definitely bring chocolate, though. It is high up there for stimulating that romantic atmosphere. If you can, try and sneak a bottle of bubbly Champagne for when they ultimately say yes. A picnic doesn’t limit it to you both being on your own. You can easily have family and friends waiting around the corner to pounce and party after you’ve popped the question. Or planning a picnic with your friends can be the ultimate disguise for what’s about to happen.

This Rattan picnic basket has everything you need for the occasion. All you need to do is to add the food and bubbles!

Adventurous Proposal

If you’re an adventurous couple, why not take a hike up to the most beautiful spot. There are great destinations for adventurous couples, such as Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or Ben Nevis in Scotland. Once getting to the top and completing such a task together, you’ll not only be even closer due to the pressure, but you will know that you can depend on the other one; you will have a good, healthy marriage.

Special Moment Proposal

Why not include the children in your proposal if you have children. It is a really simple proposal idea. Your kids will love being in on the surprise if they can keep the secret. It will be a special moment that you will all share a part in. Creating a wonderful memory. The kids could help you create a beautiful, 3-course dinner, and towards the end of the night, you can pop the question just before dessert, or perhaps the ring is inside the dessert. The kids would probably love that one.

And if you don’t have children, get the pets involved. Pets are like children so much these days. If you have a dog, why not attach the ring to the collar?

Favourite Spot

You could recreate your first date. It might give it away as to what you’re planning, but it’ll be a nice trip down memory lane for you both.

Major Instagram Proposal

Create an Instagram-worthy moment. Hire your local florists, fireworks, Balloons, the whole shebang. So as soon as you’ve popped the question, all the fireworks go off or release the balloons, and there’s champagne. But most importantly, make sure that you have a great photographer. They will help you set up all the props and stage it just right. The great thing about this idea is that it can be done anywhere. The beach, the forest, the park, etc. So why not do it in a place that has meaning to your partner? Somewhere they love.


Okay, right, so this is the cheapest option. You can serenade your partner. Play the guitar to them as the sun sets, with a naughty drink in one hand. Could it be extremely romantic? Unless you can’t play the guitar, you’ll need to get lessons. Making this not the cheapest option for you. Obviously, you don’t need to play an instrument. You could do it, acapella.

Movie Worthy Proposal

Take on the weather. Some of the most romantic moments in a film are when they kiss at the end in the pouring rain. Just keep the ring on you at all times so that you have it when it’s raining and it’s in the most beautiful spot. And if you feel that the time is right. Grab the opportunity, get down on that knee and ask. There is no doubt that they will be surprised!

Okay, cheapest option unless you do it while on holiday! Like in New York City. It’s one of the most romantic places. It features in a lot of films. There’s a wide variety of places to choose from, like the Grand Central Terminal, Central Park and the Botanical Gardens, just to name a few. I’ve suggested the Palace as it is just beautiful and has the perfect backdrop to your romantic story.

The Christmas Classic Proposal

Now I’m not too massive a fan of this one, but you could propose for Christmas. I dunno why I’m not a fan of it. I’m just not. I think it’s a little tacky, and people expect to hear news of proposals on Christmas day.

Following on from Christmas, how about New Years? New Year, to me, is a lot less tacky as there are fireworks and champagne, and all your friends surround you. Instead of your grandparents asleep in the corner after drowning themselves in the cherry. Even though I’m sure that they would like to see the proposal too, but it’s also a representation that you don’t want to go another year or start the new year without being more than a simple relationship.

The Classic Proposal

Obviously, I had to include this one. Dinner out. To get all dressed up and go out for dinner might be sending signals to your other half if you don’t do it often. You will obviously want to make this as special as possible, so you will need to research a great restaurant. Or go to a restaurant that you both love and frequent regularly.

The Perfect Spot

Blanket Fort. Hear me out! How cool would it be to have a teepee in the garden that’s made from blankets and cushions from the home you shared. You can surround yourself with fairy lights and candles. And you’ll already have the flowers from the garden surrounding you. It could look really romantic if you stage it all properly. You could even do this in the woods if you can pull off the not creepy vibe. If the thought of putting all the blankets up scares you, you can easily achieve the same effect with a tipi! You will get some serious boho vibes! Add some cushions and the duvet from the bed to make it super comfortable.

Beach Proposal

Go on Holiday. You might take a trip to your favourite place you and your partner have ever been, and you can relive your memories of the last time you were there together. And now how you’re there again, moving forward by proposing. You’ll be in a place that you love with the one you love. What’s better than that? Tripadvisor is the best place to look for deals on trips!

The Flash Mob

I’ve got to include this one as it’s a favourite, but it’s the flash mob. Yeah, we’ve all seen those YouTube videos where they’re singing Bruno Mars. Now you go out there and do the same!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Is it still considered a proposal if there’s not a hot air balloon involved?

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a grand statement, but this is definitely a fun proposal idea, not to mention an amazing addition to a photo album what better way to make the best of your favourite iconic landmark by majestically sailing over it as you pop the question not to mention how the basket can create an amazingly intimate moment (even if the pilot is watching).

There are a few things to take into account when planning this one, however:

  1. Make sure the person you are proposing to isn’t afraid of heights.
  2. When booking, make sure to let them know you’re proposing, so they can inform the pilot and crew.
  3. When you arrive, make sure to make the pilot aware of your plan. Discreetly.
  4. Keep the ring in a safe, secret, secure and easily accessible location. No one wants to lose that perfect engagement ring you spent ages buying over the side.
  5. As hot air ballooning is highly weather dependent, plan multiple dates if possible. You can always cancel!

Scavenger Hunt

Proposals don’t always have to be like they are on TV, all dressed up in a restaurant, and the waiter brings over a champaign flute with the blah blah blah. Some people like to get a bit more creative, and this is one of the most creative marriage proposal ideas out there; you can make it so personal!

You can make a treasure hunt out of it, incorporate their favourite food and their favourite song. Take them on a mysterious hunt that ends up in their favourite spot, where you get down on one knee at exactly the perfect moment.

The perfect way to make memorable moments, and there are so many romantic ideas out there!

We think that for the more creative people out there, this is the perfect proposal idea.

Special Delivery

Flowers, you could sneakily hide ‘Will you marry me on the card that arrives with the bouquet. And as they look up from the card, you can be down on one knee what that stunner of a ring you got them. This is perfect for someone who is reserved and doesn’t want anything over the top.

Surprise Proposal

Party. Hide the proposal at an occasion by simply inviting all your friends and family over for possibly a BBQ or, if you are fancy, A cocktail party. (It might be quite nice to be in formal dress and to see all your friends dress in their glam rags too?) Your partner won’t know what hit them when all of a sudden you are down on one knee and their favourite song comes on the playlist. Then everyone is there to celebrate with you!

This Gazebo is perfect for you as you cannot predict the weather. So even if it rains you will have to cover for yourself and all your friends. Meaning that your proposal can go ahead without any glitches. Plus, it comes with the bar in there for the cocktail party with room for that bbq so that you can do both!

No Matter What Type of Proposal

See, there are so many ways to plan a proposal. You can take sections of ideas from other ideas to really make the moment special for you both.

Just make it your own, whatever your plan decides to be. Just in case you regret not being original enough. Or your other half might think you couldn’t come up with something special for them.

You got this.


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