One Tiered Wedding Cakes are the Newest Trend in Wedding Cakes

One Tier Wedding Cakes are the Newest Trend in Wedding Cakes! A single tier wedding cake is ideal for people on a budget and is perfect for individuals who just want a basic, modest cake with no frills or extravagance. But they still look gorgeous!

A simple single tiered wedding cake can still take center stage. Everyone will be capturing cake pictures on the day!

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It's a Different Approach!

Beautiful cakes don’t have to be skyscrapers. An alternative wedding cake is sometimes better! Perhaps you don’t want the massive cake as you are having a small wedding or you’d rather spend the budget elsewhere. It lies all in the cake decorating. Beautiful wedding cakes with buttercream frosting will still look wonderful on your wedding day, even though it is small.

Consider serving several one-tier cakes if you’re searching for a different approach to the traditional multi-tiered wedding cake. Not only can you serve more cake and filling options (yum), but single tiers will also most likely save money.

If you’re concerned that smaller cakes will make less of an impression than the larger, multi-tiered traditional cake, these examples below demonstrate that one-tier desserts may be just as beautiful and attention-grabbing as multi-tiered confections!

1 Tier Wedding Cake

Single Tiered Wedding Cakes: What Are Their Advantages?

There are many advantages to choosing a single tier wedding cake over the traditional wedding cake of multiple tiers. Here we’ll discuss some of them.

Single Tier Wedding Cake

Advantage 1 – Cost Savings

When planning a wedding, cost savings should always come first. If you choose a single tier wedding cake instead of a three-tiered cake, your wedding cake costs will decrease without sacrificing any quality. You could even use your leftover cake batter from another occasion to create two additional layers at home! If you go for a naked cake, you could choose a different flavouring other than a vanilla sponge.

Advantage 2 - Easy To Serve And Store

A single tier cake is easier to transport because it doesn’t require special packaging like a large number of individual servings do. It’s also much simpler to store since there aren’t so many pieces to keep track of. Plus, when you need to display your dessert, all you’ll need to do is set up a table and place the cake on top. No complicated assembly is required!

Small Wedding Cake 1 Tier

Advantage 3 - Less Expensive Decorations

A single tier cake allows you to decorate it yourself using simple decorations such as fondant flowers, sugar pearls, edible glitter, etc., saving time and money. The same goes for centrepieces; simply add fresh greenery and berries to fill the space between layers.

Advantage 4 - More Elegant Look

The elegance factor comes into play here too. When you go for a classic design, you get a very elegant appearance. This makes guests feel comfortable and relaxed while enjoying their meal. They won’t notice how small the size of the cake is. This type of cake looks great whether served individually or as part of a group.

One Tier Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Designs

One Tier Cake

By no means are you limited on choices when it comes to designing your own single tier wedding cake. With creative imagination and a little bit of know-how, and a great cake designer, you can turn almost anything into a stunning centrepiece for your wedding reception. Whether you opt for a rustic celebration theme or something modern and sleek, you can easily transform your cake table into a dreamland by adding a few touches of colour and texture.

Tips for A Single Tier Cake Table Layout

If you want to go with a single-tier cake, here are a few pointers: To give your dessert table visual appeal, collect different sizes of cake stand.

Another option is to use attractive cake stands in the same colour to tie all of the various cakes together.

Alternatively, you might ask your baker to make many near-identical cakes (with different flavours inside), then arrange them on identical stands for a polished, elegant effect. To complete the presentation, add fresh flowers, greenery or fresh fruit.

Small Wedding Cake 1 Tier

Check out These Beautiful Intimate Wedding Cakes

Take a look at these cake ideas to spark inspiration for your own.

This simple white cake has everything you need! The beautiful white rose on the top states a simple elegance, perfect for the bride who doesn’t love a frill. Plus, that cake topper is a statement!

Just because your wedding cake is a single tier doesn’t mean that it can’t be tall! This cake is the perfect example of that in practice.

Having a cluster of cakes designed to complement each other can make more of a visual impact than just one 3 tiered cake.

The softness of these browning gold flowers adds that subtle touch of nature. This cake would be great for a simple autumn wedding.

If you are a bride that loves all things minimal, then this is the white wedding cakes style for you!

Just because you have 1 tier doesn’t mean it has to be simple. This stunning cake with a beautiful design proves that!

Naked Wedding Cakes are all the rage right now due to the endless possibilities of decoration, just like the example. Using the stunning macaron wedding design on this cake means that they’ve added extra interest as it’s unusual.

How beautiful is the application of this masterpiece! It should be in an art gallery! Another benefit of having a single tier. You can have a more intricate design. I’d add a couple of edible flowers to make it really pop!

This cake maker has turned on the glam by making a gold drip wedding cake. The added touch of the sugar flowers tones down the gold to add that softness. A great play on a Modern Wedding Cake.

Cake Flavours!

Fruit cakes and double chocolate to the traditional vanilla cake have all been made before. You could splurge on a more interesting flavour by forgoing the extra tiers.

Think about using Almonds, Pistachios, Rum! There are quite a few combinations to try at your cake tasting.

You could even have each cake layer a different colour so that when it comes to the cake cutting, you open up a rainbow.

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What is a one tier cake?

A one tier cake is usually made up of 4 layers with buttercream or frosting in between. More layers can be added, but it does depend on the cake’s structure.

What is the difference between cake layers and cake tiers?

Cake layers are comprised of 2 layers of cake with a flavoured filling or buttercream frosting (sandwiched) between them. Cake tiers consist of multiple layer cakes of different sizes stacked on top of each other like a traditional wedding cake.

Can you eat your wedding cake a year later?

If you want to freeze a piece of cake for your 1st anniversary, experts have said that you can eat frozen wedding cake a year later. But it’s not risk-free.


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