Pick of the week: The Green Bride Guide

Following hot on the vegan kitten heels of ‘The Green Guide for Weddings ‘, I was chuffed to receive an advance copy of ‘The Green Bride Guide‘, now available from all good bookstores.

Where ‘The Green Guide for Weddings’ is written from a UK angle, ‘The Green Bride Guide’ by Kate L. Harrison comes from the other side of the Atlantic; but the ideas, arguments and even some of the resources are relevant wherever you are in the world.

The look of the book is gorgeous – the epitome of eco chic – and the quality recycled paper meant I didn’t want to stop stroking it! But I finally managed to tear my fingers away from its textured surface and started reading…

Now Kate L. Harrison is clearly not one to do things by halves.  This is an extremely thorough book that delves into every possible nook and cranny of green wedding planning.  From someone who works in environmental law and policy with an environmental historian husband, what did you expect?!

She begins by telling us a little about her own wedding in 2007 and offers some concise and well thought out arguments as to why you might want a green wedding – arguments that could come in rather handy for a green bride-to-be whose family and friends are so far unconvinced.  As she explains, get them on side and everything else becomes a whole lot easier!

Throughout the book, as the sub-heading suggests – ‘How to create an earth-friendly wedding on any budget’ – there are options for every budget, marked with a user-friendly $, $$, $$$ code.

However, Kate is keen to point out that you don’t need to go completely green to make a difference, and certainly shouldn’t feel as if you’ve failed if you don’t.  If you have to make difficult decisions she advises that you focus on the ‘big-ticket items’ such as how many guests you invite, the food you serve, or the flowers that decorate your venue: ‘…as a general rule of thumb’, says Kate, ‘the more expensive an item is, the more important the choice.’

For those who do want to turn a deeper shade of green, everything is here, even down to where to donate your hair (to an organisation that makes wigs for children with cancer – see page 50) if you decide to chop those locks after the big day.

At the back of the book, you’ll find a set of excellent worksheets with which to interview your potential wedding suppliers.  You could grade them and hand them back with a ‘Must do better next time’ if need be!

The only thing that was missing for me was a few well chosen photos to illustrate all the wonderful green wedding ideas.

If you’re in the early stages of planning your green wedding, grab this book and read it from cover to cover – you’ll be buzzing with eco-inspiration!

If you’ve got just a few months (or weeks, or days!) to go, get a copy anyway and you can dip in and out of the clearly labelled chapters to find the tips you need.

The book is available on Amazon from $10.19.  It’s the easier way to a greener day!

Happy planning :)



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