Ring Finger 101 Guide

Your guide to everything you need to Know About the Wedding Ring Finger

We’re here to guide you through the ins and outs of everything you need to know about your Ring Finger.

Do the rings go on the Index finger? The Middle Finger? Any finger!?

Many of us instantly know what finger we are referring to when we mention the ring finger. I bet we’ve all had this traditional image in our head of it being the fourth finger on our left hands, and to the majority of people, especially in the United States, this is standard practice.

But why is the wedding band placed on the ring finger, to begin with? Is it necessary for brides and grooms to do so? This is what we are delving into!

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What Is the Ring Finger?

The fourth finger on the left hand is known as the ring finger in many Western cultures.

The assumption that this finger contains a vein that runs straight to the heart gave rise to the custom of wearing a wedding ring on it.

The ring finger is a sign of eternal love, beauty, and creativity. Jade, amethyst, moonstone, sapphire, and turquoise are all complimentary gemstones for this finger, which is said to be associated with the Greek god Apollo.


Why is the Wedding Ring Worn on Left Hand?

It is just a cultural tradition that has been passed down through generations.

There is no rule stating that you have to wear it on your left hand. It may feel more comfortable for you to wear it on your right, perhaps even on your thumb. A Wedding ring is a symbol, yes, but ultimately it’s personal between you and your partner.

This ring is placed on the left hand as well, during the wedding ceremony. This is due to the way you are facing your guests. With the bride standing to the left of the wedding Officiant, your guests get to see a clear view of the ring being placed onto the bride’s left hand.

Many other cultures wear the ring on their right hand or around their neck. 


Where does the Engagement Ring Go?

Your engagement ring finger can be any finger you wish. In many Western countries, the tradition of wearing an engagement ring is on the fourth finger, on the left hand. And, my gosh, rings do look stunning there.

In other European countries, they prefer it on the right hand or switch depending on how they feel every day. 

It’s an entirely personal preference.


What hand does a wedding ring go on for a man?

Traditionally speaking, it’s the left hand.

When you look a little deeper, you’ll find that men’s wedding bands have a vast history that differs by country. The more complicated response is, It depends. 

It depends on you and only you and where you want to wear it. 

Having a physical job can mean that wearing a ring can be uncomfortable. Such as if you lift bricks, you may pinch your skin or even damage the ring. So it might be an option for you to wear your wedding ring around your neck, like on a chain.

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An expression of love that will stay forever

It makes no difference whether you wear your diamond engagement ring and wedding band on your right or left hand, on your index or thumb.

 Your engagement and wedding rings represent a promise of your love and dedication to one another. They also represent your future adventures and togetherness. They are a constant reminder of your love, both now and forever.

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The Ring Finger's Ancestry and Meaning

The ring finger tradition and meaning can be traced all the way back to ancient times.

Legend has it that the ring finger may have a vein that runs directly to the heart, allowing lovers’ hearts to be linked by their rings. The Vena Amoris, or love vein, was named after it by the ancient Romans. To symbolise the romance that the newlywed couple shared, a ring was set on that precise finger to indicate the marriage formed on love, virtually uniting their two hearts.

Unfortunately, scientific anatomy reveals that all fingers have venous connections to the heart and that no such single vein exists, shattering the charming symbolism. Many couples, however, continue to designate their left-hand ring finger as a symbol of their commitment to each other.


How Do I Measure the Size of My Ring Finger?

A surprising number of factors go into determining the size of a ring finger. Aside from the form and size of your finger, you’ll need to think about your lifestyle and the ring you want to buy.

You should bear in mind that if you frequently engage in activities that could cause your finger to swell, such as physical exercise or flying, your hands and fingers enlarge in the summer and become more slender in the winter due to the cold.

Sizing is also influenced by the width of the band, as thicker bands tend to fit more snugly.

To achieve a great fit, I recommend that you measure your ring finger while your body is at its most normal temperature, at room temperature in the middle of the day, preferably not after a workout or a hot lunch.

Ring guards or beads might help to compensate for minor changes in finger size. If you’re unclear about your ring size, have it measured by a specialist.

If you want to switch the rings’ placement, either from one hand to the other or between fingers, you’ll need to consider that both fingers may not be the same size.


We have some great articles on Rings if you are looking for the perfect ring.

which finger does the wedding ring go on

The Ring Finger 101

  • Traditionally worn on the fourth finger on the left hand
  • The tradition is not the same in all countries and cultures
  • It signifies that you are dedicated to someone
  • You’ll want to get the ring sized and measured for comfort and the risk of losing it.

The History of the Ring Finger

In this section, we will explore the hidden gems of history by delving into the backstory of each ring and why it is worn on the left hand.

But also other alternatives to the ring.

There are many methods to demonstrate your love for your partner while staying true to tradition. Yes, you can have the wedding bands, but for something more permanent, how about finger tattoos!?


Wedding bands are most commonly worn on the fourth finger from the right on the left hand, especially in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Your wedding band can, however, be worn on the right-hand ring finger. You’d be following in the footsteps of many Central and Northern European couples by doing so. Norway, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Belgium (certain parts), Germany, Russia, Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Ukraine are among the countries that follow this tradition.

Orthodox Christians wear bracelets on their right wrists. This was also the case in India, where the left hand was long thought to be unfortunate or filthy.

Same-sex couples place a special emphasis on the ring finger custom. Since the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage to be a constitutional right, almost all LGBTQ+ couples have chosen to wear their wedding rings on the ring finger. It gives them the feeling that they’re just like everyone else and that they’re accepted.

In today’s modern society, bridal jewellery can be placed on either hand.


In the 15th century, Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave his lady-love, Mary of Burgundy, the first recorded engagement ring.

Wearing an engagement ring has long been a tradition for both men and women, though it has fallen out of favour with men in recent years. But we have started to see Men wearing engagement rings again, especially with same-sex weddings.

The newly engaged have taken to wearing the engagement ring on the left ring finger, as is customary. Many people in Europe who wear their wedding rings on their right hand also wear their engagement rings on their left hand and then transfer them across.

Swedish brides may opt for one-of-a-kind wedding ring sets that include an engagement ring, wedding band, and motherhood ring, which is really sweet and extremely personal for them.

wedding finger

Promise rings can also be traced back to ancient Rome when “betrothal rings” were constructed of cheap iron.

From the 15th through to the 17th century, this was followed by the growth of “pose rings” in England and France. These were mementoes given to lovers and were frequently inscribed with brief love poems.

Although they are commonly given in the same manner nowadays, the actual “promises” behind a promise ring could mean different things to different people.

The fundamental idea here is commitment, but whether that commitment is to a forthcoming engagement, abstinence until marriage, the concept of eternity or just the near future differs. The promise ring is a symbol of the dedication of love. It doesn’t have to mean anything more if you don’t need it to.

There is no set guideline on which finger a promise ring should sit on. However, many people believe that the finger you’ve designated as your “engagement and/or wedding ring finger” has the most significance.

which finger does the wedding ring go on

Rings are a beautiful way to symbolise your union. They have those unending, infinite circle analogies to back them up; but, you have other possibilities if you’re not feeling having jewellery.

Nontraditional couples may choose to have a tattoo on their ring fingers to symbolise their marriage if they are serious about permanence and self-sacrifice because this is no longer a simple slip-on, slip-off deal here. You need to be reasonably confident in your selection of the finger or hand that will display your commitment and obviously how committed you are to the promise.

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What is the order to wear rings on my ring finger?

You may be considering stacking your engagement and wedding rings if you’ve opted to wear them on the same finger. 

Wedding bands are traditionally worn closest to the heart, which means they’re at the bottom of the stack, below the engagement ring, and pushed to the base of the knuckle.

Can I Wear My Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring on Different Hands?

Absolutely! The decision is frequently based on personal or cultural preferences. Some ladies prefer to wear their engagement band on the right ring finger and their wedding ring on the left. It’s totally up to you whether you want to continue a long-standing tradition or start your own.

Can I Wear Rings on My Ring Finger If I'm Not Engaged or Married?

According to an old wives story, wearing a non-committal ring on your left-hand ring finger is said to be bad luck.

But if you don’t believe in superstitions, wear the ring if it fits! However, wearing a ring on that finger may indicate to others that you are in a serious relationship, which may not be optimal if you are single.


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