Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To - A short Guide on Wedding Processional and Recessional Music

You and your fiancé may have spent a lot of time talking about your first dance song on your Wedding Day and music. You may have even put some thought as to possible father-daughter dance songs, but don’t forget about the wedding ceremony tunes for walking in and out.

The Bride Entrance song choice is definitely challenging as it sets the tone for the rest of your wedding as it is the first song of the day.

When it comes to selecting music for your wedding ceremony, you’ll have two major decisions to make: your Processional and Recessional songs.

Whether you’re having a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony, the perfect song is out there!

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Processional & Recessional???

You and your wedding party will go down the aisle to a processional song, which can be one song for everyone or a different song for your grand entrance.

You and your new spouse exit the venue after the ceremony to your recessional music, which is typically more energetic than the processional.

How to choose your bridal entrance song

Choosing your wedding music is an arduous task. Here are a few helpful tips to start you in the right direction.

wedding aisle songs

Think about the feeling you're trying to create

Of course, the fundamental feeling should be “love,” but there are so many ways of feeling ”love”. Do you want something peaceful and subdued, cheerful, or a pleasant surprise that your visitors could have no idea what it was, like an instrumental rendition of ”Baby Got Back”. You know what I mean, that rap song that you can’t stop dancing to? That Popular song that’s yours and your partner’s guilty pleasure could be perfect!

Don’t be afraid to go with an unusual genre or the original versions, especially if there’s an acoustic version or instrumental version that will pay homage to your favourite popular song without having to blast out heavy rock as you walk down the aisle. – Unless that is what you want!

Make it a surprise

To make the event even more personal, you and your partner might choose your processional music separately and keep them a secret until you walk down the aisle.

Find a song that expresses how you feel about your sweetheart, a song that they enjoy and that you know they’d enjoy hearing or a song that carries a special memory for them. Make sure your planner or the person in charge of the sound system knows what you’ve decided and that you both have a Kleenex on hand.

Choose a Theme

Choose a theme to bind your processional songs together for a bit more cohesiveness. Songs from the same genre, with a similar tempo, or from the same era. As you and your wedding party prepare, this will better flow between songs and won’t be as jarring on the ears.

songs to walk down the aisle to

Consider Your Memories

There’s sure to be a song, singer, or genre of music that the two of you genuinely connect to, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Consider this: do you have a favourite song that you like to belt out in the car? Is there a song that you always dance to in the kitchen? Is there a piece of music that one of you has heard that makes you think of the other? Perhaps a concert you saw together by an artist you both adore? Any of these will assist you in finding a song or two that are truly special to you.


This may sound obvious, but reading the lyrics before pushing “play” at your ceremony is critical. Consider the Police’s song “Every Breath You Take.” It’s frequently heard at weddings, although Sting has stated that it’s about envy, obsession, and a long-lost lover, not how you want to start your marriage!

Make sure the songs you chose to tell the tale you want your guests to hear, and watch out for any words or verses that might ruffle a few feathers. But at the end of the day, if it is the perfect beautiful song for the both of you, go for it!

Popular Choice?

Another question to ask yourself is if you want your song choices to be popular wedding songs?

Or do you want something completely unique and utterly personal to you and your fiance?

What about a Funny Wedding Song? Or perhaps it’s even a Theme song from your favourite Movies, like Jurassic Park, or a Tv Show? I’ve heard about people walking down the aisle to the ”Game of Thrones” Theme Song! 

As long as you love the beautiful melody, that is all that matters.

A Classical Wedding Song or a Modern Wedding Song

wedding ceremony music

You can definitely go for something more modern in your song choice but don’t forget that some traditional classical music could give you the vibe you didn’t know you wanted.

Channel your inner Disney princess by having a song featuring a string quartet or just a classical tune, like Mozart and Handel or Bach, that you remember your Grandpa listening via the record player too.

For every type of bride, here are the Best Bride Entrance Songs - top 12!

Time for the Wedding Processional. The moment you walk down the aisle to meet your fiancée deserves a memorable and awesome romantic song!

The Most Popular Wedding Entrance Song

Of course, it’s got to be an Elvis Presley song! This beautiful song is a Great Piece of music and one of the most perfect choices for a slightly less traditional wedding. But a song that won’t upset Grandma either, as I’m sure that she loved this classic love song back in the day.

If you’re looking for a classical piece or something more modern, this list of unique songs that we’ve found to be some of the most popular choices for Wedding Ceremony Songs from all genres.

Wedding Recessional Songs for Bride & Groom Departure - top 13!

But what happens when you’re pronounced husband and wife? Well, another song is required, of course! Yes, there is one more song!

The Wedding Recessional song (wedding exit song) begins when the officiant announces the married couple. The bridal party then leaves, followed by the wedding guests, who make their way from the front to the rear.

The Most Popular Song

The Most Popular Song is Signed, Sealed, Delivered by the fabulous Stevie Wonder! This upbeat song, with its jazzy tones, will lift everyone’s spirits and put your guests in the partying mood.

The Happy Couple best get that Champagne flowing!

Here’s our list of recessional wedding songs from different genres that we found to be popular picks.

As modern choices go, this upbeat song With this is one of the most popular choices these days. After all, you and your new husband have just signed the wedding register, so the lyrics “signed, sealed, delivered – I’m yours!” are particularly meaningful.

What's Next?

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