The Biggest Wedding Trends for 2022

Do you want to discover what the most popular wedding trends will be in 2022?

With the wedding boom this year, brides are desperately seeking the latest bridal trends.

We’ll share with you our list of current wedding trends that will make it big in 2022. Including fashion-forward designs, colour predictions, and tips for making your wedding more environmentally friendly. You won’t want to forget any of these ideas, so make sure you have a pen, paper, and get ready to start wedding planning!

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Everyone has a Speech!

2022 wedding trends

Over the last couple of years, we’ve observed an increase in modern weddings and the number of brides who enjoy giving speeches. But now, it’s all speeches everywhere you look; everyone wants to give one!

At smaller weddings, wedding guests are allowed to say a few words about the couple through the use of popcorn speeches (Take a number and pop up when it’s your turn), which are becoming increasingly popular. We love this idea, but if you decide to go with it, here’s a quick tip: set a time limit on the other speakers. You don’t want them interfering with your eagerly anticipated dancefloor time.

Tropical Flowers

wedding trends 2022

In terms of wedding flower trends for 2022, tropical flowers such as orchids, vibrant anthuriums, and birds of paradise come to mind. Also included are coloured pampas grass and gypsophila flower clouds in various jewel tones. Weddings are bringing colour back into the world in a huge way.

Pre-Loved Wedding Fashion

The theme of sustainability will be prominent in weddings in 2022. Sustainable weddings boomed in 2020, and we’ve seen a 350 per cent spike in searches for brides trying to sell their wedding dresses. As well as an 80 per cent increase in searches for brides looking to acquire pre-owned wedding dresses in the last year. This is seen in the way couples use the pre-loved marketplace, Recycle My Wedding, to plan their wedding. In recent months, the number of items sold and listed on the platform has doubled. From fashion to wedding décor, there is always something that can be re-worn, reused, or upcycled and made uniquely yours to suit your tastes.

Statement Headwear

wedding trends for 2022

Hair slides and hats aplenty! We’ve seen a boom in statement headwear available that might even tickle the fancy of a royal—metallic crowns and glittering tiaras appropriate for the queens and monarchs of the world.

All of the different varieties of headgear. During the year 2022, headwear is expected to be a major deal. We watched brides go all out for their smaller, more intimate micro – weddings, and they set the tone for what was to come in the future.


2022 wedding trends

Groomswear. It’s quite significant. Waiting until the last minute to get a suit is no longer acceptable. We anticipate that all of the lovely men that appear on our pages will be sporting some very standout suits in the near future. We’d wager that tuxedos of different colours and prints will be seen at weddings all around the world in the coming year.

Vertical Flower Arrangements

wedding trends 2022

Moongates have experienced a resurgence, and hanging artworks have had their moment in the sun. Still, vertical installations are expected to gain a significant increase in popularity by 2022. Consider the use of gravity-defying blooms and grasses to frame your altar, wedding venue and top table at your wedding.

Wedding Dresses

2022 wedding trends

The arrival of the short wedding dress in late 2020 or early 2021 took the market by storm. Furthermore, we believe that this movement will continue to grow in popularity far beyond 2022. Wedding dresses with softer hues are also expected to become more popular in the coming years; imagine soft pinks, pastel blues, and soft lilacs. In addition, we forecast that frills and flamboyance will be popular in the year 2022. Prepare yourself for ruffles and a plethora of layers.

Outdoor Dance floor and Wedding Receptions

wedding trends 2022

In 2022, couples will be able to host their receptions and dance floors in the open air. Dancing beneath the stars will be a huge hit, especially with the addition of alfresco midnight food. Hopefully, with the limitations relaxed and festivities returning to their pre-pandemic levels, we can look forward to dancing on tables. We’ve got a lot of time to make up for and a lot of lost ground.

Wedding Party

weddings in 2022

When it comes to your bridal party, we’re already one step ahead of you. I’ve already put up a fantastic round-up of satin bridesmaid dress inspiration, which you can find below. However, we are observing an increase in mixed parties, including both bridesmaids and best girls. Pets are also welcome at weddings, which we find really special. After all, they are a valued member of the family unit.

Bridgerton-Inspired Weddings

With the release of Bridgerton season 2 on Netflix on Friday, March 25th, 2022, we anticipate an increase in a blue-themed wedding ceremony. As well as improved decor and accents throughout the year. Consider candelabras, beautiful pastries, and floral arrangements that are show-stopping.

Winter Wedding

wedding trends for 2022

Due to the pandemic, the perfect wedding date is a little tricky to get.

Therefore many brides have to opt for a weekday wedding. They have for-gone a summer wedding day. And choose the more cosy, intimate wedding, an outdoor wedding surrounded by (fingers crossed) snow. Remember, your guest count can increase with an outdoor wedding! Or if you desperately want snow, head out or a destination wedding.


What are 2022 wedding colours?

Green tones, Dusky Pink & Berry Pink – Basically Pink! And a moody Jewel Tone.

Are barn weddings still popular?

Since becoming increasingly popular in 2008, they are still one of the favourite wedding venue options due to their affordability. But I wouldn’t say they are as popular as they once were.

The more popular venues are Marquee Wedding Venues due to their Covid friendly nature.


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