Wedding Registry 101 – A guide to Gift Registry: Dos, Don’ts & Everything In-between

What is a Wedding Registry?

“What is a wedding registry?” you might wonder before you start shopping. Well, a registry is a carefully organised list of wedding gifts for guests.

Traditional department stores such as Debenhams, Lakelands, and John Lewis used to be popular places to register. While in-store registries are still available, an engaged couple these days create online wish lists.

Guests will shop for your wedding day using your register. But in fact, family and friends will want to give you congratulatory gifts as soon as you announce your engagement, so establish your registry as soon as possible.

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A wedding registry will ensure that you get the gifts you really desire.

Wedding Registry

By having a Wedding Registry, your loved ones won’t have to find products they think you will like, and ultimately so you don’t get doubles of items or items you don’t want. For example, no one needs two toasters on top of the toaster you already have.

What to Look for in a Wedding Registry

A wedding registry should reflect the interests and hobbies of you, the happy couple, in addition to being an upgrade of domestic and entertaining products.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s a fantastic time to acquire that Dutch Oven or Blender you’ve been eyeing for years or a high-tech vacuum that will make chore-sharing a breeze.

Or what about a new tent for when you go away on your camping trips? Or festivals?

Even large gifts, such as furniture or barbecues, make excellent group gifts for wedding registry ideas. Also, don’t forget to include items like a honeymoon fund or a cash fund for your new house, or even gift cards on your registry.

You can even go for a cash registry.

What should you put on a wedding registry?

If that is a new set of pans, then it’s a new set of pans, but if it is purely money to put down a deposit on that new house, then do it. Nothing is weird on a wedding registry.

A registry is an opportunity to set the tone for the life you want to create together, whether you’re moving to a new house together or replacing your old household items.

I think special items that inspire enthusiasm should surround your new home and life. So I suggest registering for meaningful gifts that you can enjoy and will inspire and make you smile every day.

How Many Registries should you have?

It has been known that couples used to pick 3-4 different shop registries for the high street. But since everything is going online, you can just do one Universal Registry.

And I would highly recommend it. It allows you to keep organised, and it will be easy to add items if needed.

Is it okay to add to your registry?

It is absolutely fine to add to your registry! Bear in mind not to do it too late before all the wedding guests have purchased their thoughtful gift, though!

Do a once around your home and see what you want upgrading, something you want for the home. Doing this will give you a starting point as to what to sign up for instead of endless scrolling.

As the wedding progresses, your needs and desires can accumulate, so add them to the list!

How do you share Wedding Registry info?

wedding gift registry

The easiest way to share any wedding info, not just registry, is via a wedding website.

You can post your registry on social media, but I’m sure that some couples would like to keep things a little more private. Plus, it may not be appropriate to share with people who aren’t invited to the wedding.

But how you share it should come from your gut instinct. Talk to your wedding party and see how they would like to get the link. It could just be in a text!

Should I bear in mind the cost of items?

The worth of a present is not determined by its cost. It’s vital to provide guests with choices of prices that they are comfortable with.

Each of your guests will approach your registry with a distinct budget in mind. Guests who wish to spend more will frequently combine products to achieve that aim; therefore, it’s a good idea to include various gifts.

Also, don’t be apprehensive about registering for a big-ticket item. Friends and family members may want to get you something special. But you never know who might want to go above and beyond.

Wedding Registry Mistakes

Now that you’ve learned what a wedding registry is, brush up on wedding gift etiquette. The most common blunders, as well as our best advice for avoiding them, are listed below.

What should you put on a wedding registry?

registry wedding

Wedding gift registration isn’t a fad; it’s an important part of the planning process. While you may be feeling guilty about your wedding registry, keep in mind that your guests want to celebrate your love. And it makes it a lot easier for your guests and on yourself as you won’t be bombarded with questions about what you want or need. – There are far too many other stresses going on to deal with that!

A registry list will reveal, to your guests, your hidden yearning for fresh throw cushions or a stand mixer in the same colour scheme as your dish towels. And by registering the items you want, you will receive the brand & colour you want. Instead of dear grandma buying the stand mixer in that traditional shade of white plastic instead of the shiny red one you dreamed about.

If you already have most of what you need for your house, consider signing up for alternate experiences. There are many honeymoon registry services where you can register for activities such as a couples massage or a local trip during your post-wedding vacation. You can also use a cash registry for practical gifts like culinary classes, home remodelling funds, or perhaps a puppy fund!

On the cash registry, you can share a note with your guests, letting you how you’ll use the money, putting it to good use!

Waiting too long to Register

Create a wedding gift registry as soon as you’re engaged, particularly if you’re throwing an engagement party. Even if a party hasn’t been planned, you may find yourself stunned at the number of people who want to express their congratulations. You might get gifts like champagne glasses or a nice picture frame for your engagement photos.

You can always update your list and add additional items at any moment, but it’s a good idea to check in on a frequent basis to ensure that there are still plenty of possibilities. The majority of your guests will make purchases in the weeks leading up to the wedding, so stock up on extras as needed.

Not checking what you have

Register for gifts you and your fiancé will both enjoy and want.

Take inventory of the stuff you already have and discuss the type of home you’d like to share to figure out what you’ll need. Consider your entertaining style, hobbies, and how you want your life to be in a few years. Perhaps a great gravy boat for when all the family come over for Christmas or new dishes for the frequent dinner parties you’ll both want to host for your friends.

You might’ve lived with your fiancé for a while, so don’t feel obligated to register for traditional gifts. There’s a good chance you already have them.

Instead, request items that thrill you and are suited for newlyweds.

Not using a universal registry.

Set up a universal registry as a favour to yourself. Previously, it was customary to register and shop at three to four stores.

But you can now organise everything on one gift list thanks to the simplicity of online registries.

This is especially beneficial for couples that have a wide range of interests. You can store everything from trekking gear to charcuterie boards in one place with a universal register.

It is also much easier for you to keep track of what has been bought and the price ranges.

Not checking the fine print.

This step is crucial! As you shop for things, check out the gifting rules of your favourite stores. Check to see if each gift can be delivered to your address, and learn about their exchange and return policies. If you don’t want to be stuck with duplicate, unwanted gifts or find out, you just have a few days to swap stuff you don’t want.

Many registry services also offer incentives and perks, such as a discount on the remaining goods on your wish list. Some stores may even hold purchased gifts until the wedding and then ship them all at once. Because store policies differ, educate yourself with them as you go.

Not Registering enough items in price ranges.

Having good wedding registry etiquette entails thinking about your guests’ budgets, so your list should be diverse and accommodate different prices.

There’s a secret formula that will help you figure out how many gifts to put on your registry:

  • Increase your guest list by two 
  • Add a few more.

Over-registering will provide loved ones with a plethora of choices, particularly as items begin to be purchased.

Furthermore, some of your friends and family members may be buying many gifts, while others may be wanting to purchase expensive items. Register for presents that are £20+. This will cover a wide range of budgets. Guests will have no trouble using your present registry if it contains plenty of options.

Wedding Registry Faqs

Can I ask for money instead of gift options for my wedding registry?

100% Yes, you can. Many guests could delight in the fact they are helping towards your honeymoon or your future, whether that’s buying a house or that new car when the little ones start arriving.

Are wedding registries rude?


Guests appreciate looking over your lists and selecting products they know you’ll enjoy.

Also, don’t forget about group gifting! So put that coffee machine on the list! Coworkers, classmates, and friends like pooling their resources to purchase a more expensive gift.

And it takes away your guests fear of ‘What if they already have it?’ and ‘What if they don’t like it?’


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