Wedding transportation, the ethical way

bride thumbing a ride from groom

After the vows have been said, the rings have been exchanged, and the band has packed it in for the night, the time comes to drive away off into a new married life – often in a car picked especially for the occasion. But what goes into picking out the car – or other form of transport – that will take you into your new married life (or at least off to a lovely honeymoon, hopefully someplace warm)? And how can you do it as ethically as possible? Here are a few options for making your getaway as green as possible, without skimping on style, or fun.

On Foot

The first, and easiest way to keep things ethically sound for your transportation is to use your own two feet. Planning your matrimonial events – service, reception, party, etc – to take place in the same area, or areas close to one another, can minimise the carbon emissions spent by you and your guests moving from one place to the next. Venues such as manor houses, large hotels, and outdoor areas are great for this as once you all arrive, everyone will be there for the whole event with no need for further transport.

On Two Wheels

Bikes are another simple way to get a move on while also adding some quirky and photogenic aspects to your big day! Hop on two wheels and get peddling, and you’ll be where you need to go in no time. Fingers crossed for no rain, obviously. And it doesn’t have to be the bride and groom that do the physical labour either – while nothing could be cuter than riding a tandem bike off into the sunset, there’s the possibility of hiring a bike taxi instead. Or you could even take a rickshaw, if you’ve got access to that sort of thing!

On Public Transport

Public transportation is a great option for areas where it’s available. Hopping on the Tube or local bus is affordable and easy, and leaves you without worries about who is doing the driving or who is riding with whom. Just whip out your oyster card and spread the love to everyone on the carriage with you – your fellow passengers won’t be able to resist cracking a smile for your big day.

On Four Wheels

If a car is really necessary or desired, you’ve still got a few options that aren’t going out and hiring a petrol guzzling SUV. Can you borrow someone’s car? If you are looking for the classic Bond style, mine your personal circle of friends and relations to see what you can come up with. You may even be able to find a friend’s friend who can do the driving for you – you’d get a chauffeur built right in!

Finally, there is always the option to hire a car, and it shouldn’t be hard to find one with a bit of personality. A classic VW Bus or an authentic London cab refashioned to be completely eco friendly, for example, would mean you can have a car without throwing your eco wishes out of the window.


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