What To Include In A Groom’s Wedding Speech

A groom’s wedding speech is an extraordinary moment. It’s the groom’s chance to say thank you and share some memories with his friends and family while they are all in one place. This might be the only time he gets to speak in front of such a big crowd, so he must deliver an unforgettable wedding toast.

But how do you write this type of speech? And what should it include?

Read on for helpful tips on writing, advice and examples of a grooms’ wedding speech checklist.

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Why the Groom must make a Wedding Toast.

Groom Wedding Speech

Grooms need to speak at their wedding because they get the opportunity to share their love and appreciation with their family and friends. It also provides them with a chance to say something to the guests that they couldn’t otherwise express in any other way. The grooms’ speech is an integral part of wedding day proceedings, and it should be heartfelt and compelling.

What to Include in a grooms wedding speech

Many people are wondering what goes into a grooms wedding speech. Well, first, you start by thanking everyone for coming to the wedding and engaging in the celebration. You then need to speak about your family and how they have supported you throughout your life. The next thing you want to do is address your friends. You should make sure to mention all of the great times that you’ve had with them, through both good times and challenging times.

Groom Speech Example

You also want to thank your partner for choosing you as their partner. You can’t forget talking about how much this person means to you and how happy you are that they’re now part of your life. Grooms wedding speeches must be heartfelt and compelling. The groom’s speech is an excellent opportunity for him to get the chance to thank his friends and family in front of a big crowd. This might be one of the only times he’ll get to speak in front of such a large group, so he must deliver a great speech.

Mention absent family members in the speech. It’s a very traditional route to go within a groom wedding toast as you can tell stories and charming anecdotes from people who have passed.

Ask for Help from your
Best Man

To make a groom’s wedding speech even better, you can ask a friend to help. By doing this, you may get ideas of things you haven’t included, or your best man might tell you that you should start again! It’s always worth it to get a second opinion as some grooms might be tempted to get up and just speak about things on their mind, without really thinking about how others will feel listening to such a long wedding speech. This is why it’s a good idea to consult with a friend or your best man to prevent this from happening.

Make your Speech Memorable

An excellent way for a grooms wedding speech to be remembered is to make the speech humorous and engaging for others. Getting the wedding guests laughing is a perfect way for the groom to feel more relaxed giving the speech. Try out some of the funniest quotes from tv shows everyone watches, or some bad jokes always get the older people laughing.

So tell light-hearted, funny stories that are not at the expense of anyone, like the bridal party. Making someone feel uncomfortable may be felt throughout the room, and some of your speech jokes may get lost in the awkwardness.

Create a Groom Speech Template

If you are struggling with how to start your speech, it’s a good idea to write out bullet points so you can get the ideas flowing. Write the speech on paper, don’t do it from memory.

Here is a groom speech example outline.

  1. Begin with a joke

  2. Thank everyone for coming

  3. Thank everyone who helped you get to this point in your life

  4. Share an embarrassing story that only groomsmen will understand

  5. End on a sentimental note about your fiancé and the future of your marriage
Groom Speech Example

Keep the speech short, no more than five minutes!

What not to do in a
grooms speech

If the groom’s speech is supposed to be humorous, it is not a good idea to make the speech at the expense of others. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and have them feel embarrassed in front of the crowd.

Also, the grooms’ speech should not be long. Five minutes is a reasonable amount of time for the speech. If it goes over five minutes, the wedding party might start groaning and make it difficult for others to listen to the rest of the speech.

Also, try not to make any dirty jokes. It will embarrass the beautiful bride and her family. Most grooms know not to make any jokes about bodily fluids or sex. Everyone wants their speech to be memorable, but you don’t want it to be remembered for the wrong reasons!

Don’t look at the floor! The Groom toast should be full of eye contact.

Examples of Speeches

Here are some great speech tips to get tears of joy from wedding guests to achieve the perfect speech.

Grooms Speech

Great grooms speeches:

  •  “I want to thank every member of my groom’s party, without them none of this could have been possible. I also want to thank my wife for being the best partner, friend, and lover that I have ever met.”

  • “My brothers and sisters: Thank you for not only joining me on this journey but trusting me and sharing with me as we built our lives and families together.
Groom Wedding Speech

Bad grooms speeches:

  • “This is a really long list, so I’m going to read it really quickly here.”

  • “Thank you all for coming here today. My father would like to say a few words.” (then turns around to speak to his father who is not in sight)

  • “I want to thank everyone for coming, but especially the groomsmen because they’re all part of the groom’s party and parties are fun.”


Who speaks first at weddings?

The best man is the first to make a toast, but it’s not uncommon for him and other members of his wedding party (the groomsmen) to have individual speeches before or during their time on stage.

Afterwards, more prominent figures in attendance might give an address; these include both sets of parents who are celebrating this marriage with you tonight- typically one parent each from each side!

Does the mother of the groom give a speech?

Traditionally speaking, I believe the groom’s mother can give a speech at both the wedding rehearsal and reception. But I can’t see the harm in her wanting to give a speech anyway!


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